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Apr 05

sick of being sixth…

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Bah, Stevenage and Aldershot both got late second goals as well, so we finish in the worst place (excluding relegation places obv), sixth, another year of conference…

Redressing the balance

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I just started reading Visual Arts In The Twentieth Century by the always good Edward Lucie-Smith. The jacket blurb includes this as one of three bulleted points highlighting this books special features (the others are analysis by decade, and information of historical and cultural events in the text, which are hardly rare): “The work of artists from historically under represented regions of the world is also included, providing new insight into the global world of art.”

Great, I thought, ignoring the missing hyphen: I’ve moaned any number of times about the assumption that looking beyond Europe and North America is something to highlight, that a look at those continents only is the natural default. I eagerly looked at the immensely detailed contents (300 listings over 5 pages). There appears to be less than 15 pages that step outside that territory, mostly on Latin American painting, in a 400 page book.

My question is this: how the fuck did we get to the state where 4% (I may be misrepresenting this, not having actually read it yet, but it looks clear enough) of a book covering most of the world counts as something to highlight with pride, as redressing the usual imbalance? Obviously the answer is a context of books with compendious titles that offer even less, often zero. Of course you can buy books on Asian, African, etc. art, but where are the overall texts that think that Japanese or Chinese art is of the same interest as French or Italian? I can’t begin to imagine an argument against that position, apart from knowing that the latter are easier to sell, but that’s not a justification for not admitting to a limited focus. (cf supposedly general music mags that are actually rock mags plus tokenism, of course.)


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come on scarborough, come on leigh, do it for us, one of you…

(lee philips scored the second, he’s new, don’t really know much about him)

Brian Eno — Physics Superstar

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Humph. At Toronto, we had to settle for hearing Ed Witten, a guy who basically invented his own field and is the most cited physicist of the past twenty years. However, the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo got a visit from … Brian Eno??!!!?!!!!

I have to find out if I know anybody who saw this talk …

(and I must thank DJ Martian, who, from across the pond in London, alerted me to a lecture that happened in my own backyard!)


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COME ON! Stevie Flack (he used to be a boxer/bricklayer you know) puts city ahead 6 mins into the second half, cos i know we’ll score agan some sunny day!

we’ll score again, don’t know where, don’t know when…

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OK, pretty dull first half although City seem to be having the best of it. I’m listening to BBC Radio Cumbria and their wonderfully pro-Carlisle presenters, who are currently wishing happy birthday to a chap in Cambridge listening on-line and telling another, listening in Germany (“on-line as well then i suppose” say the commentator) the attendance (around 8,000 apparently). Game is still 0-0, and Stevenage and Aldershot are both winning 1-0, so it’s not looking great, but there’s plenty of time yet and at least the Gargoyles are 1-0 down…

Up The Bleddy City!!

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Today is the last day of the season in the Nationwide Conference. For the uninitiated among you (overseas viewers, man u fans etc) the Conference is the fifth tier of English football and the highest where some of the players are still part-time (although around three quarters of the teams are now fully pro). It also has two promotion places into the fourth division the third division league two. As Pete mentioned his team Barnet have run away with the league and will be automatically promoted. Things are not so simple for the play-off places (2nd to 5th). Although Carlisle and Hereford are definitely there, five teams are fighting today for the last two places. As one of these teams is my team, Exeter City, I will be following the tortuous mathematical equations that will be played out this afternoon live for your pleasure…

At the moment the table looks like this:

    P GD PTS
1 Barnet 41 48 86
2 Carlisle 41 39 73
3 Hereford 41 27 73
4 Morecambe 41 19 70
5 Aldershot 41 14 70
6 Stevenage 41 11 69
7 Exeter 41 19 68
8 Woking 41 15 68

so, in order for Exeter to get into the play-offs, the following conditions must be met:

1. we have to beat Carlisle
2. either Aldershot or Morecambe must not win (draw is OK, because we’ll then have a superior goal diff to both)
3. if one of Aldershot and Morecambe win, Stevenage must not win as well
4. Woking must not beat our score by four goals

Easy… We also have far and away the hardest game of the five, against Carlisle (where TMFD editor Mr Tim ‘Opkins is cheering our glorious bauys on), but with the eternal optimism of the football fan WE’RE STILL IN IT!!!

further updates throughout the afternoon.

The Science of Sexy

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To summarize:

Men want hot chicks, who in turn want money and power. It’s evolution, baby!

Girls, your looks will fade after you hit 30, but don’t despair, just wear lots of makeup, pad your bra, and you can fool guys no sweat — they’ll have no idea that your fertility is on the decline!*

Amongst all this grandmotherly advice, there’s actually some decent science in the article — namely, the section entitled “Do the Math”. I’ve encountered the “0.7 ratio” study before and it was supposedly done over many cultures and was found to transcend all of them.

* Much of this is true to some extent, but I hate the way it is presented in the article.