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Apr 05

Pepsi Max Lemon & Lime

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Now I ranted on Pepsi Max a couple of weeks ago (and no-one responded to its Maxiness). But now there is Pepsi Max Twist Lemon & Lime. It tastes, unsurprisingly, of copper sulphate. But it is the Max philosophy that I find amusing. Yet again we have Pepsi Max going that one step further than Diet Coke. Yep, you can get Diet Coke with Lemon. And also Diet Coke with lime. But only someone who grew up in the 1970’s in the UK would think of adding Ki-Ora Lemon & Lime Cordial to something horrible like Pepsi Max. Bravo!!!

Carmodism In Action Pt 23665

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A weird listening moment while walking jetlagged round Seattle, listening to “Same Old Brand New You” by A1 and realising OMG it’s about BLAIR!!!!!

Here’s proof!

I can still remember the time you were there
When I needed to hold you, feel you
Everytime I ask you to find a new way
You lie a new way
Is it gone, gone, gone, gone, gone

A neat summation of the euphoria of 1997 and the bitter disappointment of post-Iraq Blairism.

You’ll change
You’ll never change
You’re never never gonna keep your promises x 2

Contradictory messages have erased public trust.

You said you’d change
But I’m afraid
It’s something I won’t live to see

The slow pace of change in the public services has proved one of the thorniest points of the Labour campaign – how to persuade people that things are getting better in the face of tabloid smear campaigns?

It’s seems so strange
That sometimes fate
Can appear to be so real
And yet turn out to be a fantasy

The disappointment extends to Brownites who believed that their man was destined for the top job by now.

Same old line, one more time
Say you’re gonna be, there for me
Say you’ll change, change your ways
Never gonna keep your promises

The “pretty straight guys” portrayal has worn thin, perhaps even by 2001 when this nakedly political song was written.

Same old game (You know it doesn’t turn me on)
Brand new day (You’re singing that same old song)
No more lies (If you don’t wanna find me gone, gone, gone, gone, gone)

A stark ultimatum for New Labour.

Another night, another day
What can I say
You’re still the same old brand new you

The problem with “New” branding is that it can’t stay New – this as much as policy detail has been a strategic error for Labour.

You break your promises in two
What can I do

But here’s the rub – the alternatives may not be any better.

When you’re the same old brand new you

The result, alas, is apathy.

Things I never thought I’d hear myself say (food and drink section) – No. 1*

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‘I wish there was an Upper Crust here’

Edinburgh Aiport yesterday, on discovering that there was bugger all food to be had for breakfast in the departure lounge.

* ooh look – it’s another Freaky Trigger series that I’ll doubt I’ll get around to doing anymore on

UH-OH: Celebrity Wrestling Ahoy

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Phoneboxes around the country have started advertising what promises to be ITV’s new version of Ice Warriors*. The idea behind it is quiet simply a wrong headed attempt to rip-off Strictly Come Dancing, the almost (but crucially not quite) improbably BBC hit. After all SCD resurrected a dead format, ballroom dancing on television, and added a bit of celebrity, competitive magic to it. Equally Wrestling is an old dead ITV format, which, by adding a few clebs battling it out in the ring should work.

Except the differences are slightly more clear when you consider what we are actually going to get. Genuinely rubbish wrestling, which by its nature will be fixed and possibly some behind the scene training on how not to hurt themselves when wrestling. I will leave it to Martin to eviscerate it as wrestling (if he dare): as a television idea it seems equally ropey.

But you can play an ITV video game version of it here. Which is ver ver boring. But you can play as Kate Lawler: The Trawler.

*A sort of Winter Olympics version of Gladiators from the late nineties which had a misguided plot element regarding dystopian humans froma an icy world coming back in time and teaching us the skills we might need to live in their world. Danni Behr freezing her knackers off in a mini-skirt & skates was no compensation for this grand folly.