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Oct 04

Chronicles of polar exploration (made-up) (secret)

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Y’now when capt oates that gallant english gentleman said “i am just going out i may be some time” well i have discovered by careful pseudo-straussian perusal of the evidence that it wz not FROSTBITE or SCURVY which impelled him into the embrace of the lovely eternal whirling snows


in fact they were working on a special WE EXPOSE NORWEGIAN CHEATS! issue of the Antarctic Gazette and the others in the tent were forcing him to proof the listings section

Imagine my horror

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Imagine my horror when I clicked on the BBC Website to find a picture of Alan Titchmarsh devolved by computer graphics magic into a Neanderthal. This wizardry was to illustrate his “Natural History Of Britain” series, latest in the long line of semi-educational epics designed to be given in bulk DVD form to ungrateful Uncles country-wide at Xmas.

Ageing or otherwise altering faces seems to be a bit of an In Thing at the moment. Only yesterday a BBC ‘news story’ was devoted to a picture of what John Lennon might have looked like at 64. Millions of readers will have been amazed to see that he would look much like he did at 40, just with a few more wrinkles. I wonder if the researchers were tempted to whack on an eyepatch or huge scar. I also wonder that if Dylan had died at 40, his current liver-spotted decrepitude would have been predicted by science. Probably not.

Back to Ur-Titchmarsh. His Neanderthalisation involves a bit more hair, a beard, a bigger nose and, well, that’s it. His teeth are bared in a barely convincing snarl, showing that the man-beast of 2 million BC had rather more even and whiter gnashers than a modern-day gardening presenter. It’s hard to see how this alarming vision helps us understand the natural history of Britain, and also hard to shake the feeling that facial imaging technology is mainly being used by people who are forever looking for ways to get in the papers.

It’s That Time Again…

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It’s That Time Again…

Five reasons to come to October’s Freaky Trigger club night on Thursday 28th.

1. As usual it’s going to be a lot of fun.
2. Guest DJs! This month we have MIGHTY MARTIN SKIDMORE bringing the soul power and MARVELLOUS MATT DC with his notorious “Thrills Megamix”
3. October is a bit rubbish and needs livening up.
4. I will not be playing all the tunes you’ve heard at Club FT before – instead I will be playing my oft-threatened Europop set!*
5. The Chapel Bar now do Moroccan bar snacks and they look nummy.
6. Where else are you going to dance to “Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy)”?

Flyer is here. We endorse our cartoon cover stars’ music, if not necessarily their politics.

*(requests for the Europop set are welcome. Requests that come with a quid for the Grecian Earn backing them up are even more welcome.)

Do You See Derrida?

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Do You See Derrida?

There is little to add to the excellent eulogy to Derrida over on the Brown Wedge here, except to note what a chump Ivan Massow is. Yesterdays G2 had a “What does Derrida mean to you article” to the not that great and the demonstrably not altogether good. (Maybe someone might want to mark these responses critically along the line.) Anyway, by far and away the most fatuous and chump-headed was the erstwhile ex-director of the ICA who said:

Who? I don’t know who you are talking about? I’m in a meeting with a group of City luminaries and none of them has heard of him. I can Google him for you if you are having difficulties.

That would be the Derrida the subject of whom a film was on during the last month of Massow’s tenure? The film, by the way, is on at 4:30pm for the rest of this week at the ICA too.