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I am not very Charmed

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I am not very Charmed

Someone I was shagging a couple of years back was friends with the script editor on Charmed. I found it difficult to find a single good thing to say to him about his friend’s work. The episode rerun tonight is a particular winner. The big climactic scene is a wrestling match, ring and all, with our cute girlie heroines versus Scott Steiner and Booker T (and Buff Bagwell featured earlier in the show) who are playing some vague sort of wrestling demons (it’s not really explained). It looks about a hundredth as convincing as the WCW shows (I think) that they were all in at the time, and that is hardly the hardest realism target to hit. Pru knocks them both out with one roundhouse kick.

On the other hand, the show also guest stars the tremendous Ron Perlman, who is terrific as always, although strong acting rather casts a bad light on everyone else on show here. Perhaps the wrestlers were there to balance that…