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Feb 04

I get distracted sometimes…

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I was watching the Eurosport coverage of Roma-Juventus tonight. It was a magnificent game, with Emerson and Cassano really terrific for Roma, who won 4-9. You’ll be less than astonished that when things went wrong, Montero got himself sent off.

Anyway, much as I enjoyed the football (it’s been a fabulous week for the game, for me, with Man City’s comeback and a fabulous Premiership Saturday), I was also struck by a bunch of resemblances. Roma’s Mancini looks like a black Robbie Williams, Emerson looks very like a Vulcan, veteran Juve manager Marcello Lippi looks like a cross between Robert Redford and Pail Newman, and best of all (verbally rather than physically) pundit Paul Elliott is turning into Ron Manager – he keeps putting “isn’t it?” at the end of sentences.

Taste the

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Taste the Kettle Difference: in point of fact extensive tests appear to prove that the “Kettle Difference” wd be better termed the “Kettle Same” – some of which may relate back to these important results, of course. Anyway, whatever processing is required to deliver “cranberry-flavoured crisp dust” fails to deliver the actual real taste – or remotest hint – of cranberry.