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Dec 03

A sad day for Channel 4

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A sad day for Channel 4 then, as five and a half hours after the fall of RI:SE it broadcast the last ever Fifteen to One. After sixteen years, with fifteen contestants per day, Fifteen to One has now featured approximately three-fifths of the population of Great Britain, yet still nobody knows anyone who has ever been on.

William G(ladstone) Stewart did not let sentiment intrude on the final programme. There would have been little point in showing highlights of the last sixteen years since every single episode has been exactly the same. Instead WGS kept his scary-Bob-Holness routine going right until the end, at which point he yelled, ‘all pile on!’ and the contestants made a big scrum on the studio floor.

The shame of the (not-so) secret RI:SE fan

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The shame of the (not-so) secret RI:SE fan
Why do I feel such passing affection for a program that was so inconsequential? Possibly because that’s precisely what I need at that time of morning ”and possibly because my early morning trance is a hair’s breadth from a suggestible/hypnotic state. I am categorically NOT a morning person. If you are one of those people that just gets up, twitters around right from the off then I HATE YOU. Take it personally.

The last edition featured the return of many semi-regulars and BB people (Mr Tickle, Gos and a sweary Nush). Zora got her own back with some rude gestures, and there were chemically induced tears all round, but otherwise it was more of the same (hurray), with a little more innuendo, and all capped off with “ALL PILE ON!” at the end. The screen rudely filled with a shambled heap of jeaned backsides poking out at all angles. How appropriate ‘ a pile of arse.

The Keep RI:SE on TV Petition to Channel 4 and Princess Productions has over 400 signatures ‘ surely such attractive ad revenue guarantees a re-commission

Interesting response (plus comments) to my “Hey Ya!” review

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Interesting response (plus comments) to my “Hey Ya!” review: I should make one thing clear though which is that I LIKE THE SONG! I was trying to describe it (and how I think it’s different), not dismiss it. “White” amazingly enough is not an automatic negative in my book, and nor is “indie” – well, not danceably nerdy indie anyway. I seem to like it way less than most people online, but if I was doing a Download This! Top 100 this year then I’m sure it would find its way in. Just not at #1.


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GREAT NEWS FOR ALL OUR READERS! Well, great in the longer term. Freaky Trigger is moving over the next few days – the URL for most stuff will stay the same but we will be being hosted by the marvellous and generous Steve M. On the plus side this means:

– more webspace!
– less money spent by me!
– lots of potential for photos and making the site more colourful!
– unifying the FT site!

This latter will mean that NYLPM’s ancient tilde-strewn web address will change, probably to This is something I’ve wanted to do for AGES but have not had the space to, NYLPM’s archives being huge. It will however mean that you might have to update your links/bookmarks – watch this space for details.

The minus side is that for the next four or five days (maybe less, hopefully not more) we won’t be able to post anything on the Freaky Trigger site as the domain name and IP get freed up and transferred. So no updates for the other weblogs or for Popular for a little while.