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Okay. It’s a bit non-committal as a word. It is not exactly a superlative. The Danish film of the same name can also be pegged in a similar way. It is pretty bog standard family soap opera stuff. Nete is the busybody mother character who has a husband toying with straying, a teenage daughter and a gay brother. Tiny family issues are put under the microscope when her grumpy old Dad gets leukemia and Nete decides to let him stay for the three weeks he apparently has left to live. Except three weeks turn into months and….

We have all been here before, and yet Okay manages to get by on its pretty hackneyed script by spending just that little bit more time on characterization. The old git is addicted to junk TV, the husband is a great cook (indeed the whole film seems hung up on the idea that women cannot cook). The thing that works the most in the film, even when there is a surfeit of sappy music and sentiment, is Nete herself – as played by Paprika Steen. Even when she is at her most agitated, when she is breaking down and shouting at all around her, she remains a solidly likeable presence. Someone losing her beauty as her daughter is gaining hers, and her husband is looking for it elsewhere. Steen is more than the heart of this movie, she is the only bit that really works – but she works so damn well you forgive the kitchen sink dramas common lapses into cliche. Especially the kitchen sink scenes, Nete is right – they really need to get a dishwasher.


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“The thing about seagulls exploding being unable to vent CO2 is not an urban myth, because I’ve seen it. If you give them bread with lots of bicarb on, they fly away, go wobbly, then wetly burst.”

Playground Law says it’s true! I see the same topic was mentioned on Sinister (if you don’t know you don’t know) in 2001 and a bit of hunting gains the fact that

“all it did was be sick and fly off” BUT it might have exploded l8r!

What do we think mentalists? Good science or bad science! Anything that upsets the buggers is good science by me, btw.

“The scarf awarded for playing is known as a pussy.”

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“The scarf awarded for playing is known as a pussy.”: I did not play rugby at school. I played this. (NB I cannot remember 60% of these rules – at some later date I will write up my memories of what it was actually like.)


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Whoosh! Erase The World lays into The Rugger with a righteous ire. It’s hard to disagree. (Link via the tremendous It’s All In Your Mind). I saw a bunch of the highlights last night and they seem to consist primarily of a prurient “Ooh! He shouldn’t have tried to bite that man’s nose clean off… let’s just have another look…”

Tom’s Top 12

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Tom’s Top 12: with marriage impending my life has become (surprise!) a bit hectic, so less time to think about or write about pop music. A quick rundown of the sidebar tunes, then:

BUSTED – “Crashed The Wedding”: But of course. Busted have totally revitalised the idea of “guitar pop” for me with their realisation that the noise Sum 41 etc. make is a lot better if nobody involved is pretending to have anything remotely to do with punk. Either that or they’re a good power-pop band, but that would require some kind of cosmic taste realignment on my part so I’m not admitting it. “Crashed The Wedding” is their fastest single yet, and if the chorus isn’t quite as sticky as “Year 3000” the sirens and the riff make it a total winner.

DAVID BOWIE – “Speed Of Life”: I re-bought my long-lost Low and I like it more than ever, particularly the first side of compacted plastic worry-pop. The crystalline guitars on “Speed Of Life” sound absolutely gorgeous and I love the way they see-saw around like demented weebles. Currently the best pop instrumental ever.

SUGABABES – “Whatever Makes You Happy”: The seam Bowie hit leads us to the fake-out sounds of the Buggles, and when fake-pop met fake-funk you got Duran Duran, and now Sugababes have arced round in the reverse direction, ditching any funk from their sound and coming up with an 80s-tinted plastic pop killer which on Friday night made a pub rise as one and cry “Sly Fox!”. It’s also got proper Deep Lyrics like “You’re telling me your definition of a pop star – give a smile as you cover up your heart”. If this isn’t the next single I will be very sad – luckily it’s Track 2 on the album so the omens are good!

NEW ORDER – “All The Way”: New Order’s guitar bits always sound really glossy in a kind of airbrushed-robot way, but so crunchy and satisfying too. When I try to remember how this track goes and don’t have the album handy I always end up with “Run” instead but that’s terrific too, and has the line “You don’t get a tan like this for nothing” which should put an end once and for all to all those Barney The Bad Lyricist slurs, please.

BASEMENT JAXX – “If I Ever Recover”: having caned the obvious Kish Kash traks to bits it was a pleasure to buy the CD and rediscover the slow ones, like this fathomless break-up drift.

MARTIKA – “Toy Soldiers”: thanks to a mention by Jerry The Nipper I downloaded this Madonna-clone classic. Ripping off Madonna is a risky business but borrowing from the melodramatic “Live To Tell” period was a good move – “Toy Soldiers” is manipulative, teetering, bosom-heaving entertainment from start to end.

The other six later!