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Sep 03

JOHNNIE RAY – “Such A Night”

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#19, 30th April 1954

“Such A Night” stands out because it gets its content over via beat and flow rather than melody. The backing singers kick the song off on a do-be-do-be pattern with a drum kick at the end and this hardly varies through the whole track. Ray creates the interest by the way he moves his vocal around the beat, sometimes riding it for emphasis (“Now she’s gone! Gone! Gone!”), sometimes wandering off into morning-after reverie (lots of knowing “ooh”s and “oh”s, and a marvellously taken “I – I reminisce..”). It’s charming, fruity, sophisticated pop – probably the track that’s grown on me the most of everything I’ve heard so far.

Driving in Unfamiliar London Considered as a Chart-Topping Computer Game

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Driving in Unfamiliar London Considered as a Chart-Topping Computer Game: I haven’t done it in an age, I realised, but the housewarming (excellent party for a nice flat: thanks for inviting me guys!!) was far far across town (in the wild south, in fact) and so I borrowed my sister’s car and, hmmm, there’s a whole bunch of skills involved, aren’t there? Remembering the route you pre-planned – the pre-plan of course inc.inituiting where roadworks and traffic bottlenecks and navigable un-bumped rat-runs and petrol stations will be, not to mention where elaborately baffling new one-way systems have suddenly sprouted up. Reading street names (or the A-Z) while yr driving (esp. if it’s dark). Predicting the bonkers sideways lurches of fellow motorists. Navigating by the stars – or (same diff maybe) the Gherkin and Canary Wharf and Crystal Palace radiomast (left and right are next to useless: you need a cast-iron sense of north-south and east-west). I’m sure with-it young programmers could add hilarious extra perils (car-jacking, inebriated pinheads, road-rage events, bizarre or sexy pavement-incident distractions).