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Jul 03

Tom’s Top Twelve, 11th July 2003

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LADY SAW – “Let’s Go Party”
THE DARKNESS – “Get Your Hands Off My Woman”
RAGGA REYES – “Te Traigo El…Papichulo”
EURYTHMICS – “Sex Crime (1984)”
DIZZEE RASCAL – “Fix Up Look Sharp”
LCD SOUNDSYSTEM – “Tribulations”
SCISSOR SISTERS – “Comfortably Numb”
M MAYER – “Speaker”
JESSICA SIMPSON – “Sweetest Sin”
NAS feat PHARELL – “Flyest Angel”
BEYONCE feat JAY Z – “Crazy In Love” (still!)

Tanya fans look sharp

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Tanya fans look sharp: the archives to I Hate Music have finally been sorted out courtesy of NYLPM mainstay Pete Baran. Tomorrow afternoon Pete, myself and a number of other reprobates will be putting the final touches on the Freaky Trigger Revival and Selling Out Masterplan, which has already caused consternation in the Pinefox among others. After that it’s a case of begging the writers we like to do stuff for us. (Watch your inboxes).


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They may well never have met, let alone shared studio air but Blu and Sean have still crossed the line separating “featuring” from “duet”. The two-hander has Blu saying she’ll go and Sean telling her no, and plays exquisitely to both their strengths. Cantrell does the mink-lunged hyperventiliating R&B siren thing, working up to a pitch of desperation/determination over the hijacked Dr.Dre rhythm (nice to have it back, by the way). She’s had enough, she needs some space, please let her breathe – so far so ballad but it’s Sean Paul who makes the track by deflating Blu completely. Yeah whatever, give it a rest lady; he’s coming from the callous side of laid-back but as the most charismatic man in current pop it’s him I’m rooting for. Or maybe I’m just a heel.