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Feb 03

A quick perusal of Steve’s guide to our trip to

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A quick perusal of Steve’s guide to our trip to Brussels will unearth the odd reference to that old favourite subject of the Publog. The Pub Nutter. Over the case of our bar slouch (not pubs, not crawling) we came across three of this breed. All different, all with one thing in common. Us. You see I have come increasingly to the opinion that, at the lowest end of the scale, I definitiely am a pub nutter catalyst. However, I get the terrible feeling that I might actually be a pub nutter full stop.

Not straight away, just after a few beers I get garoulous and will talk to you. And not necessarily about ordinary things like how long you have been waiting at the bar. No I could quite easily launch into an in depth conversation about my tricky work-life at Deptford Sewage Treatment Plant, or the pressures of being an EU Beef Inspector. After having a long chatr with the “First Fackin Pank in Brussels” it became clear that whilst he was an honest, exuberant drunkard I am more twisted. I am a pub nutter.

(The toothless fellow at Lop Lop was no pub nutter, rather a proper Pub Loonie – whilst the American was merely a pub bore. Spotters tips coming…)

Talk of Spice Girls reunion is nonsense.

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Talk of Spice Girls reunion is nonsense. Well they say careless talk costs lives but this is a bit harsh. There I was, down the pub the other day, trying to work out exactly when we would see the reunion tour* – and some spokesperson for a non-existent group tells me that it is nonsense. In actually fact the five living Spice Girls met for a social occasion round at Posh’s house (we can call her Posh again when it is in a Spice Girls context). I’m not discounting a singsong round the old joanna, but the official news is no greatest hits album, no reunion tour. Makes you wonder how well the SPices would do if they did reform. They would need an absolutely top-hole single behind them, but this certainly has never been a problem before. What would the world do with a reconstituted Spice Girls? Set tATu against them in some sort of all female wrestling-pop wet dream? Or welcome them back with open arms telling them that if Kylie can make a comeback, so can they.

*For the record, exactly when Mel C’s next single goes tits-up was agreed answer.

Once upon a time

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Once upon a time four publogger went to Brussels and drank lots of lovely beer. This is their story. Thought i’d put it there rather than here as it is rather long, and i haven’t updated my bl*g for almost nine months innit…