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Jan 03

Ah happy daiz

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Ah happy daiz. I used to work in a dodgy Local Pub which catered to Local Squaddies, visitors from surrounding more middle clarse villages for our ‘3.99 meals (extremely good value if I say so myself and OOH the curly cumberland sausage – why o why have all pubs stopped serving them??) and old meng – the landlady was a bleached blonde lady who gave me the job waiting on without asking any questions – HOORAY!

Then one day came an UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT sign – no-one told me – and the first sign of new management that I got was the sight of New Landlady sharpening a huge knife and larffing to herself over a sizzling hot plate.

I got the fear – I did not last a lot longer whilst Under New Management.

And she was the one who got rid of the curly circular cumberland sausage.

May I recommend you visit Crackling and purchase a sossidge of your own?



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‘ You know someone said that the world’s a stage
And each must play a part.’

Someone said that did they? Just some old Joe Soap knocking around so that you Elvis Presley, self styled King Of Rock’n’Roll and the man a well known burger chain was named after, could quote it in a song. That someone was fucking Shakespeare you illiterate, greasy, corpulent dead guy. And you got the quote wrong.

JOAN JETT-“Crimson and Clover”

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JOAN JETT-“Crimson and Clover”
You know the kind of boy (or girl) that you refuse to think about, cause all of the blood is caught between your heart and your loins ?
this is the song for that. Hearing her sing Crimson and Clover over and over is lonely and hot and brooding and funny and oh so tragic.

DIXIE CHICKS-“Travelling Soilder”

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DIXIE CHICKS-“Travelling Soilder”

MASH was about Vietnam, not Korea.
Despite the lyrics this song is not about Vietnam, its about the new war, the tenuous war that has happened and hasn’t happened at the same time, the problem is that you cant really talk about something that hasn’t happened.
But Country and the Army often overlap when it comes to demographics, and for something that is on the mind of its listeners you cant avoid it.
This is what they do, they make a folk son ca 1967, a perfect pastiche- like The Ballad of Penny Evans, but with more respect for the Solider.
The lyrical details are trenchant: He’s 18. There is a football game, a wife is made widow too young, mention of prayer, of public grief and private mourning-of the letter home and the promise never to love again.
The music is stark, a voice as lovely as Baez or St Marie, some martial fife and drum, a mandolin keeping tune.
Its not the pop country, its not the usual good times-this is the band that made a novelty hit out of domestic abuse(Goodbye Earl)-its a common song about a common tragedy, that manages to be universal.

that was a naughty bit of crap

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that was a naughty bit of crap – via Blissblog, bloody excellent music weblog. No permalinks yet but the top story is about Chris Morris’ pastiche reggae 10″, which sounds to me like a tribute to the notorious Sex Boots Dread and “Tickle Tune”, a mighty record introduced to me by NYLPM’s latest and much-revered contributor, Mr Tim Hopkins (scroll down for Taskforce write-up). Reminds me also to get working on my article about blogging (yes another one).