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Jan 03

Electric 6-Danger! High Voltage! (Les Rhythmes Digitales Thin White Duke Remix)

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Electric 6-Danger! High Voltage! (Les Rhythmes Digitales Thin White Duke Remix)

When I was younger and danced less I think at this point in my life if I was keen on finding a song for a specific feeling (I’m not) I’d have listened to Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris doing “We’ll Sweep Out The Ashes In The Morning”. But I’m older, I care less, and I certainly dance more. Parsons and Harris did a bit of a confessional;”We know it’s wrong to let this fire burn between us, we’ve got to stop this wild desire in me and in you”. But this lyric sounds tired itself, that’s the point I guess, it’s the ashes of an already doomed relationship which refuses to just go out.

Danger! High Voltage! is also a song about seeing someone you shouldn’t, but the difference is the Electric 6 are revelling in it. It’s the sound of two people who are downright mystified by the connection between them but can’t stop announcing it either. “Don’t you want to know why we keep startin’ fires?” You bet I do! “It’s my desire! It’s my desire!” Hey! that could be it! And all the while the sparks are flying, and it really is dangerous because there’s no Parsons style guilt here. Neither person cares and ultimately something is going to fucking explode and somebody is going to end up hurt. The Electric 6 and I guess myself say “who cares”.

CD:UK Hotshots

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CD:UK Hotshots – the moral decline of pop continues apace a.k.a. set the videos! Plus – Richard X meets Liberty X (RX not exactly taxed on the “new ideas” front but great to have “Being Boiled” back in the charts); and Graham Norton makes shit Maurice Gibb joke and “the switchboard is jammed” (U & K question – how many calls does it actually take to jam a modern switchboard?).

When Ur A Clone…

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When Ur A Clone…: blog I hadn’t seen before, linked by Oh, Manchester… who correctly calls it “poptastic”. Has the midweek charts – the interesting thing is that David Sneddon’s only sold 19,000 records so far. Yes, still a dead-cert No.1 but surely also proof that the reality-pop train is running somewhat out of steam: the marketing campaign around him has been deeply desultory. Isabel followed the Fame Academy series all through, liked David best but hadn’t even heard he had a single coming out, let alone heard the single itself.