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Jan 03

Busted – Year 3000

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I’ll admit it, I didn’t like ‘What I Go To School For’ when it first came out, I thought oh no, not a boy band with guitars, and no drummer, what new evil is this? But then as time went by it clicked, these guys aren’t some run of the mill manufactured band, there is something much more subversive and unique about them. Whilst, every other teen pop act seems to be overly serious and career orientated (the pop-idol effect), we have a band singing about flux capacitors, their seventh album going multi-platinum, and three breasted women swimming around town totally naked. It’s part Bill and Ted meets Aqua, and part South Park meets the Manics. What we have is ‘teenagers’ in a pop band being juvenile and silly like teenagers should be, and they seem to be having fun. Number one awaits!


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If “We are the cheeky girls” then “You are the cheeky Boys” = True then you can touch my bum.
“We are the Cheeky Girls” is (unfortunately) True.
“You are the Cheeky Boys” is – at least in my case and hence generalising for the rest of mankind – False.
Therefore the whole proposition is False and we cannot touch the Cheeky Girls strange collective bum. We are therefore able to use our hands for better advantage such as shooting the transylvania idiots.

The other new pub to visit on the Euston Hexagon

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The other new pub to visit on the Euston Hexagon after the (yet again visited at the weeked for ruin) Dun-A-Ri was The Boot. The Boot from the outside is a quaint little place just off of Judd Street. Painted green, with darkish windows and a cute alley down the side – the Boot prides itself for having been in Dicken’s. Thgough, when you head inside, you are frantically trying to remember when exactly Dicken’s talked about tan coloured formica.

Football was on in there, and the locals looked with a small degree of horror at the fourteen or so punters on their way in. This is not the most welcoming of pubs, though the bloke behind the bar did best I don’t think they were used to hearing American accents in a boozer. The Dickens reference is explained in some detail on the wall, which also alluded to the formica. The solution to the problem was an “On This Site once sat a boozer….” that rocked up in Bleak House. And initially this looked like a bit of bleak house itself. Not a pub I’d pop in to, probably not a pub I would go back to, but certainly one of the most residential pubs I have ever seen in central London.