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Dec 02

Girls Aloud — Sounds of the Underground

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I was gonna write a comparison of the two Popstars the Rivals songs, but having heard them both, I have no doubt that Girls Aloud are going to be Christmas number one. Buy girls, bye boys indeed.

‘Sounds form the Underground’ is an excellent modern pop song, think Sugarbabes et al. All sassy and glossy, all the right breaks and hooks, enough sounds to hold the interest. It’s got SURF GUITAR on it!! Wow! And, as they are releasing it as a double a-side with a cover of East 17’s ‘Stay Another Day’ the number one is guaranteed (though Brian Harvey is also releasing his own version of Stay Another Day on the same day).

Pumpkin PublogPost a comment • 554 views suggests a mastery of pubs which is not so much borne out by a cursory examination believing that The Dog on Archway Road and the Railway on Hornsey Road still exist. Its area, listing and map format is rather useful (big maps too) but its absolute lack of editorial comment means its useful in much the same way the phonebook is. Not so much pubs master as Yellow Pages & A-Z master.

This is funny.

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This is funny. Blame Popjustice who are back in blog format, which seems to suit them. All their advent calendar jokes are also funny.

Bits of NYLPM Business

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Bits of NYLPM Business: Reminders of current interactive stuff –

– the Focus Group Ballot – deadline for this is the 16th. WE NEED YOUR COMMENTS! If you were at the live group could you email me all your best comments too please? (Address on the ’email’ link below)
– People who want to compile an imaginary CD-R of their favourite 2002 tracks and get it printed on the sidebar to our 2002 look-back should keep sending their selections in. There’s no specific deadline on this, I’ll mention here when we’ve got enough.
– Speaking of 2002, the ILX Readers Poll is up and running on ILX. Closing Date 31st December.

Never Stop The Alpenpop

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Never Stop The Alpenpop claimed fickle DJ Otzi on his last album, but now he has pledged to sing only ballads from now on! Always worth keeping an eye on DJ Otzi news – for instance the Austrian Eminem’s difficult parental relationship. (Thanks to JM).

Britney wants new album to be more ‘hip-hop’

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Britney wants new album to be more ‘hip-hop’ – oh Britney no! Also “more rock”, which she’s even less convincing at. The only good news – and the reason for bringing this to your attention – is the meetings she’s had with Daft Punk. A move into pop production by the Punks would be ace, and I can just about hear Britney fitting into their funny-forlorn robot soul.