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Oct 02

JONI – “Learned Ways”

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JONI – “Learned Ways” (via Gabba.Net)

A just-the-facts description: this is U2’s “New Year’s Day” using nothing but early-80s synths and vox treatments, and set to a dry but regular beat. The FX are laid on so thickly that only the melody line identifies the song – the vocals and sounds rub and blur and soak into one another. So much so that you feel surrounded by a bathful of sound-sponges, and warmed and lulled and slightly saddened – it’s a world away from U2’s expansive urgencies and I love it. But of course a trace of Bono remains – a swab of the man’s absurd confidence and his band’s clanging brashness. Applied in these minute doses it vaccinates “Yearned Ways” against the potential foolishness of its own nostalgic sonics, and the listener can approach without risk.

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power, music, electric revival – music weblog walking a by-now happily familiar beat i.e. Liberty X one post, Smiths the next, but not updated since October 9th which is a shame.

NIRVANA – “You Know You’re Right” (Video)

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Jump Cuts, quick shifts-maybe 40 in a four-minute video, so we are left with almost subliminal images.

It’s a memento mori for the media age. A self-referential monument for a martyr who realized dying young was a guarantee of immortality.

The problem was, he was handsome- with a haircut and a suit he could be one of the all American boys he hated.

There he is with his cardigan-playing Fred Rogers for all of the people whose parents didn’t really care.

Singing on MTV Unplugged, and then broadcast this way- can you see the meta-context?

He is there, with cherry red hair, the last vestige of Aberdeen gutter punk emerging.

He crawls across the stage in a black slip. Remember the fuck you puke yellow ball gown he wore on Headbangers Ball- admitting to fucking men wasn’t nearly as subversive as the gender bending on an a really Rock and Roll show.

I thought Courtney was a hero, ’cause she didn’t sell out like Jimi’s family did. But Kurt sold out with the arena tour and the t-shirts.

Rock and Roll is a business, and the miracle of dead rock stars releasing new records is a corporate move.

Now, aside from the live rarities records-there a greatest hits collection. Since when do three albums make a greatest hits package necessary?

Since when does a repackaged bootleg really mean anything?

It’s War!

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It’s War!: Kirk DeGiorgio replies to Simon Reynolds’ attacks on him. “UK dance music journalists neglect the bulk of the influences on House and Techno because they know next to nothing about it. I know about it because unlike my mates at school I didn’t like punk, ska, new wave or indie.”. Ouch! Kirk to thread! Bits of the response are somewhat pompous (“My iTunes software tells me my most played artists at home are Joni Mitchell, Steely Dan, Sun Ra & Stevie Wonder.”) but it’s nice to get both sides of the story. Especially as both sides I’d guess have some right on their side – the continuity between disco and house is neglected, but some people into dance music now do have a better grip on it than those into it from the beginning. It is just possible after all that after 10 years patrolling this beat Reynolds knows his stuff. Meanwhile for the ‘neutral’ (read: even-handedly ignorant) a tasty spat is in prospect. This comes via Simon’s own blog, a cool development in itself, whose all-too-familiar post-rate so far shows that he fits right into the weblog ‘massive’.