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Aug 02

It strikes me

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It strikes me that the presence of the bust invites two conjectures, one or both of which may be correct.

1. Jeremy Bentham, renowned philosopher of utilitarianism, looked very like Tim Rice.

2. There is a benighted pub somewhere called The Tim Rice with a honking great wax bust of J.Bentham.

Dumb Or Bust?

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Dumb Or Bust? The dumbwaiter is a work of genius, but since we’re on the subject of the Jeremy Bentham, it should be noted that the (waxwork?) bust of JB in that selfsame upstairs bar bears an unnecessary resemblance to Tim Rice. This is surely a bad thing, unlike the bust of Tony Hancock in the otherwise unremarkable Wetherspoons house in Soho, The Moon and Sixpence. Any other notable boozer busts? (Yes yes, please leave your lewdness at the door).

FANTASTIC PUB INNOVATIONS: 1 (in a series of 1 probably)

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FANTASTIC PUB INNOVATIONS: 1 (in a series of 1 probably)

The pub dumbwaiter in the Jeremy Bentham. Just how marvellous is this? The bar is downstairs, we are upstairs. Being such popular people there were too many of us to carry a round single handed, and being such lazy people we refused to help each other carry the round. Luckily for us the lovely staff kindly popped our drinks in the dumbwaiter, gave it a tug (or however these things work) and bish bash bosh, all the drinks delivered safely upstairs with not a drop spilt. This is surely an urgent and key development which must be installed immediately in all pubs with upstairs seating but no upstairs bar.