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Aug 02

The BBC’s 100 Greatest Heroes

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The BBC’s 100 Greatest Heroes. From the music world we have…

Bob Geldof!
George Harrison (AKA the one who went a bit more snooker-loopy for the sitars than anyone else – NB this sd NOT be rewarded! Now if he had embranced the ZITHER it wd be a different story but alas NYLPM is not the place for such a revisionist perspective)!
John Lennon!
Johnny Rotten!
Paul McCartney!
Freddie Mercury!
Boy George!
Robbie Williams!
Oh yes and David Bowie ha ha – Tom shall approve of this after all he even has been on the BBC radio talking of his love for Bowie har har.

Where the bloody hell is RINGO? His work on Thomas the Tank Engine made him a far better hero than any of the other rabble he deigned to drum for.

Watch out Steve Penk

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Watch out Steve Penk!!! Kate from Big Brother 3 (otherwise known as my personality-lacking nemesis) is TAKING OVER Steves late night show whilst Steve is “on holiday”. Will the prescence of Kate spark new life into the dire world of commercial radio or is it just another step to the depression of any right-minded individual?

We saw an ice-cream van at the weekend that nearly sounded like Steve Penk. That was FUNNY! What amusing jokes can you have with Kate Lawler?! Rubbish name. I suggest a name change before her next attempt at retaining any kind of post-BB3 fame.

Yer frequency to avoid is 95.8.

“Blame Jim O’Rourke”

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“Blame Jim O’Rourke” says Philip Sherburne. Which is not exactly germane to the arguments he puts forward about electroclash and about techno going pop here, here and here, but is a catchy hook for a blog entry. So, yeah, electroclash and all that, erm, not much to add really. Except that have you noticed that the second half of The Rapture’s “House of Jealous Lovers” sounds VERY like the Psychedelic Furs? This is a good thing, obv.