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Aug 02

The ten cd’s/tapes you are most likely to hear in a pub.

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The ten cd’s/tapes you are most likely to hear in a pub. This list basically tells us what we already knew, that the Now That’s What I Call Music compilations (thankfully) have dominion over this market. If the choice was a Now or The Beatles 1, or god forbid The Corrs – I know what I prefer. More importantly both Now discs will be about an hour long reducing the chance of too much repetition.

Here is a different way

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Here is a different way of measuring the popularity of various types of music. Here are a selection of lists from the Performing Rights Society which run through the most covered artists by live acts, the most performed reggae, folk tunes and the most played record by DJ’s in 2001. Rock DJ was the most often played in a live DJ set – and the rest of the list confirms the chart dance Hegemony (Toploader horror exception). Unsurprisingly you are most likely to hear a Now! compilation played as background music in a pub. However the reggae list is a bit surprising (Culture Club?) and the live performance list shows the surprising influence the film The COmmitments still sways over pub bands all over the country.

Week of Quiz

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Week of Quiz continues at The Shepherds on Archway Road. No sign of any minor celebrities this evening but still the place was packed out. Those attending were “treated” to a pre-release listening to Coldplay’s new album which was rather a shame, as the jukebox in The Shepherds is normally quite good.

The quiz comprised the usual 30 unthemed questions, cost a pound per team and a gallon of beer was given to the winners. The quiz feels a bit basic – no picture round, no jokers and no PA system (the landlady does a very good job of shouting over the raucous horde of drinkers). Our team came in second or third which I attribute purely to the number of questions requiring pure guesswork (“How long do the oldest cows live; 25+ years, 35+ or 45+?”). Cheating also seemed to be rife – why exactly did that guy step outside the pub with two mobile phones and an answer sheet? It’s by no means an outstanding quiz but is probably worth a go once in a while, if you get there early enough to bag a seat.