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Back In The Jug Agane

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Back In The Jug Agane is a personal web page, by me. Call it a blog if you like. It doesn’t currently have links, a readable font, or a bearable background colour, let alone anything as complicated as a ‘design’, but it has a couple of entries.

From The FT Mailbag…

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From The FT Mailbag…

“well ewing, my friend has just emailed me your article, ‘holding on for tomorrow’ where u refer to ronan keating as BLAND, PITIFUL, TOO SINCERE and his music RHYTHMLESS, DRIVELESS and ENTIRELY SURPRISELESS!!!

i just had to vent my anger and the best person is to you, the author of this rubbish! and for your information, i am neither a grannie, gay, girl or geezer! and, IF you went to one of ronan’s concerts this tour, you woud see that the majority of his fans in the audience arent any of these prototypes you describe. your choice of ‘the charming godfather of grannie pop’ honestly stinks of jealousy! considering ronan has had enormous success with both boyzone and now with a solo career, continues to lead a very happy family life and has performed to sell out tours all over the uk, australia, south africa and europe, and still at the very young age of 25. he has had 4 number 1 albums with bz and now 2 on his own.

bland is certainly NOT the correct description of ronan in any shape or form, either musically or personally!!! his new album ‘destination’ has 13 tracks that vary from slow ballads to up-tempo fast beat songs.

and your remark about van morrison? you may or may not be aware that ronan has sung a cover-version of ‘brown eyed girl’ but i can assure you it is an excellent version and goes down a storm when he sings it live!! certainly none of the adjectives you have used to describe ronan.

and what makes my blood boil is how u call him, ever so sarcastically ‘such a nice boy’ – leave the man alone will you and pick on someone who deserves this kind of back stabbing eh? the one consolation is i know he doesnt take any notice of this type of reporting – infact he would laugh in your face and say ‘feck off’ !!!!

stephanie and billie-jean”

(I will be sending S and B-J the new ILM address as soon as we switch over, needless to say!)

ilx faq

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ilx faq: the move for our discussion boards from to the promised land of the New Server is taking up most of my site-maintaining time this week. Here’s a draft FAQ, if you’re interested.


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Summertime: and – well as per usual the weather is lousy. Nevertheless while you can get it and we are talking about standards – George & Ira Gershwins ‘Summertime’ is easily one of the most covered songs in recording history. And last Thursdays Late Junction played about ten. Part of me would have liked to have heard a show just full of them – the variation can withstand this. A surprisingly fascinating listen, showing the enduring power of a particularly good tune (especially when the version is so deconstructed that the tune doesn’t really exist any more).

It has been brought to my attention

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It has been brought to my attention that the exploits of this years Trig Brother have not been publicised yet. Over the next few weeks, on and off, I will do my best to rectify this. For those of you that do not know Trig Brother is an annual pub crawl jointly hosted by Pumpkin Publog and Freaky Trigger (see the links) loosely based around Big Brother and pubs. Twelve players, five pubs, much acrimonious voting in venues to boot people out. To aid in this is the key questions asked between pints. These questions are a barometer of the important burning issues of the day – and also a good smokescreen to hang the eventual voting out of the competitors on. Here I’ll just run you down the pubs we visited, we chose Shaftesbury Avenue to be our axis.

1.The Spice Of Life (opposite the newly opened and very good Fopp – very friendly)
2. Coach & Horses (rather unfirendly street drinking – Jeffry Bernard was a git)
3. The Golden Lion (possibly the best jukebox in Central London, they had sport on)
4. The Dive Bar (last minute replacement for the shut De Hems – its subterrainean atmosphere made people act strangely)
5. The Blue Posts – Rupert Street (for old times sake. It wasn’t too bad)
6. Glasshouse Stores (also the base pub. The default pub of the year so far on sheer number of visits).