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Aug 02

The Boards Are Dead

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The Boards Are Dead – ILM and ILE are temporarily down. They’ll be back up, I’m sure, but meanwhile we’re getting ready to shift discussion to a new server. Here’s the alpha version for you to try out, designed by Graham, to whom big thanks are due. (Ignore the ads – they won’t be a part of Nu-ILX’s future).


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DoubleAmericano: new music blog discovered via BlogTree where it was listed as NYLPM’s child! Blimey! I then tried to break BlogTree by having NYLPM’s grandfather Josh Blog also be its son but the site was having none of it. (Though this is true, sort of – I used to run the Singles Bar, which inspired Josh Blog, which introduced me to the blog format for Blue Lines, which led to me setting up NYLPM etc etc., oh look ignore me and go to Wendy’s site instead.)

Slim Swanee

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Slim Swanee: context really is everything – one bootleg (“Marshall’s Been Snookered”, Slim Shady over the Pot Black theme tune) is a giggly novelty to anyone in the UK, but this article makes it a Marcus-ian marriage of song-and-dance past and present. Next up: the David Vines.

(As an aside, “Nobody listens to techno!” is funny BECAUSE the track’s ripping off techno and Eminem is surely in on this joke, and because of course just enough people listen to techno to get in a huff about it. Techno has produced some remarkable and beautiful music – it is also perhaps the most self-important scene on the planet and a bit of teasing is long-overdue.)

Here is an idea

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Here is an idea. Pick a date and select a record – more than one if you like. Make it a record you think you can write something about. When the date comes round, play the record and write as much or as little as you like about it. Then wait a year, and on the same date play the same record, and write. Repeat every year for the rest of your life. (Inspired by this.)