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Jun 02

What makes a good pub?

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What makes a good pub? Not too large, not too small. Not too smart, not too scruffy. Mix of customers who are friendly enough to make the odd comment when you go to the bar and civil enough to let you get on with reading your book. Salt of the earth locals and passing trade, both equally comfortable. Pleasant and helpful staff, decent and uncomplicated food. A well-kept and obscure real ale or two but not as a tedious point of principle or raison d’etre. Plenty of decent regular booze too. A back-street location allowing the casual drinker to feel like they’ve run across an unknown gem. An unusual, central, octagonal, island bar. Nothing flash, nothing gimmicky.

The Britannia on Ironmonger Row, then. Very nice indeed. The dread hand of the sign which says ‘Live Music’ was in evidence but there was no trace of any such badness during my visit. Backstreet boozers really are the best, aren’t they?

TRUTH HURTS feat. RAKIM – “Addictive”

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TRUTH HURTS feat. RAKIM – “Addictive”

I’ve tried to write this entry three times now without success. I can’t figure out why this song is so alluring to me. Part of it may be DJ Quik’s beat; yeah, it’s the logical extension of “Oochie Wally”, but the way the singer’s voice supports the flute riffs makes it so much more. Truth herself sounds a lot like Mary J. Blige before the drugs and alcohol left a mark on her voice. The chorus is irresistable. (“He’s so contagious/He turns my pages”; how can you deny that?) Rakim’s rap is butter. The overall GROOVE is just massive. I was listening to this on the radio in the car today and I just wanted to roll down the windows, bump the Indian funk and nod my head like a madman.

What makes a good pub?

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What makes a good pub? I ask because of late the question has be niggling me a bit. Jubilee Monday we were stuck in South Kensington, not a haven of hostelries it must be said. After quite a hunt we founf the Hoop And Stick. It has a fine name for a pub but inside was a bit dingy, the place was a bit pricey and it did not really seem to have anything special going for it. However it did have the advantage of being where we were – so much so that later suggestions to move to a non-specific paleft us dissenting in our seats. Sometimes the secret of being a good pub is just – as Peter Sellars might put it – being there.

Without Me is almost definately

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Without Me is almost definately the most bootlegged song in the history of this admittedly short lived foray into remixing. So now Boom Selection has decided to run a chart of the thirty best Eminem bootlegs. Its an interesting idea and one which has tickled the usually only printing press releases bods over at Ananova. My opinion? The odd thing is that these boots are taking out the thing which makes without me interesting – the music. So I want to hear a new vocal line over that backing…