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Eminem threatens fans who upload his music onto Internet

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Eminem threatens fans who upload his music onto Internet: I was going to let one of the more regular writers comment on this, but no one seems interested in doing so. I’m somewhat conflicted on this. On the one hand, he certainly has a point: fans who are using the Internet to get their hands on a copy so that they won’t have to pay for it are stealing something off of Em’s bottom line. However, how many of the people who have downloaded the album intend to buy it? How many of them would borrow a friend’s copy and listen to that before buying it? How many of them would copy their friend’s CD, either onto a tape or a CD-R? How can execs in the music industry point to online piracy as the number one culprit for declining CD sales when the cost of a new CD has steadily risen to $19? Eminem’s ranting, while certainly in keeping with his public persona, strikes me (Ha, “strikes me”. Marshall’s gonna get pretty tired if he actually tries to punch every fan who has uploaded/downloaded his album. ICP should put up a high bandwidth feed on their site) as remarkably short-sighted and ultimately harmful. In the long run, his attitudes are more beneficial to the record labels than they are the artists.

(Okay, I will ‘fess up: the entire purpose of this post was to link Insane Clown Posse on NYLPM.)

Why are you being so Hundred Reasonable now?

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Why are you being so Hundred Reasonable now?

NYLPM gets a smattering of mail

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NYLPM gets a smattering of mail every day concerning upcoming events, gigs etc. I’m going to try and actually mention some of them. First we have Plug n Play, a radically democratic club night from the people at, happening on Sunday at Public Life in East London. You bring a laptop and your music and, well, plug it in and play it.

And then there’s this:


I am currently filming an independent documentary on an all-girl punk rock band called The Lillettes. Based on the south coast, with their distinctive look, attitude and unrelenting Rock ‘n’ Roll sound they are – without doubt – destined for greatness. I’ve filmed many bands and musicians over the years but none have been such a pleasure to film live as The Lillettes.

On Friday 24th May at around 8.30pm they will be playing at The Bull and Gate, Kentish Town, and meeting with a record executive who is keen to discuss their future. This is The Lillettes’ first performance in London and I would hate for you to miss the opportunity to see a gig that will be talked about for years to come.

I hope to see you on Friday (I will be the stressed looking man with the camera!)”

Unfortunately Big Brother 3 is more important than the future of rock and roll, but I thought I’d let you know.

Music Swap Shop

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Music Swap Shop – this is a little something the mighty Alan put together to facilitate the offload of duff CDs, of which I suspect I have many. A quick trawl through a single shelf (the ‘indie’ bit of my now genre-ised collection) produced the following turkeys, all of which are up for trade though frankly you’d be mental to want them (what a salesman I am!). I can’t understand the mindset of people who never get rid of CDs – cleanse and purify, say I.

SPEARMINT – Oklahoma! – conceptual follow-up to the ultra-indie (though likeable) A Week Away. I was hoping for more post-adolescent confessionals – yes, I know – and instead got a bunch of social vignettes and no tunes. I got it very cheaply but I won’t say how cheaply in case someone wants to buy it.
SOUL COUGHING – Ruby Vroom – one remarkable song (“Screenwriter’s Blues”) led me to take a punt on this, only to bang my head in irritation as it turned out to be a finger-snapping 45 minutes of hepcat beatnik drawl, like the Blue Aeroplanes but much much less humble.
FRANK BLACK AND THE CATHOLICS – Dog In The Sand – “It’s a return to form” should not be used lightly when ‘form’ means “Debaser”, “Motorway To Roswell” and “Los Angeles”. What the critics actually meant – “It’s a bit better than The Cult of Ray“. True, but not enough.
BABY BIRD – There’s Something Going On – In the half-hour window when I decided Baby Bird was alright I also bought a second-hand CD of his. It has “Bad Old Man” on it, which is good, but I’ve got the single of that.
TEENAGE FANCLUB – Howdy! – an aura of shambolic likeability still clings, but these songs are actually less memorable and less affecting than those of Travis.
HEFNER – We’re In The City – I was drunk when I bought this. Has “The Day That Thatcher Died” on it which might be the absolute nadir for UK indie pop.

If you want any of these ‘gems’ get to the link above! And get there anyway to sign up and browse other people’s swaps lists.