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Pop-Eye, 28th April 2002

Truly dreadful No.1 hits are rarer than you’d think – leaving out charity singles and Westlife’s perennially useless stool-pop, I can’t think of a really ghastly, what-has-gone-wrong-with-our-species turn-it-off-NOW chart-topper since Oasis‘s “All Around The World”. But mediocre No.1s are another matter, and 2002 has seen a bunch of them. “Hero” followed by “Evergreen” followed by “Unchained Melody” – the top of the UK charts has rarely been drearier. Oasis’ new hit last week didn’t exactly offer a striking alternative – a Xerox of a memory of a trace of long-ago energy. I’m sure their fans, if they care about chart positions at all, rejoiced at last week’s triumph of rock over pop, but I can’t see much of a difference – this week’s chart battle was a lot more significant, and the right side won. Oh, and people with an aversion to the idea of marketing in music should stop reading now.