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Apr 02

UK acts disappear from US charts

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UK acts disappear from US charts: this is the kind of thing that gets the papers here terribly excited. Does it really mean anything? Not much – there’s been a gap between British and American public tastes for ages, and the stuff selling in America currently (hip-hop and alternative rock) is the sort of music Brits have generally found hard to sell back across the Atlantic.

But thinking idly about this it struck me again how lucky we are in Britain (unless you work in the record industry, oh well). The US-Europe cultural crossroads means that our charts get everything in the US charts bar crossover country, plus every huge-in-Europe disco hit, plus more UK-specific hits and trends (UK Garage, bootleg mixes), plus all the stuff that the rest of the world test-hypes here (The Strokes, Andrew WK, Electroclash). It’s no wonder the Top 40 moves so fast – it has to to keep up!

And some which went out at the group stage…

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And some which went out at the group stage…

Faithless star to compose World Cup track: (Will be “basic”, apparently. This is thankfully not Maxi Jazz.)

David Beckham wanted for new World In Motion remix: (Exactly what it says. Keith Allen involved again!)

Pele sings World Cup song in Brazilian soap: (Soap is called “O Clone” – otherwise don’t waste your click.)

Saint George’s Day Special!

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Saint George’s Day Special! In a spirit of sportsmanship and patriotism NYLPM presents the Bottom Five World Cup pop stories so far, in descending order of awfulness. Thanks to John for finding them all!

1. Dublin group to provide Ireland’s World Cup song: “The official World Cup anthem for the Republic Of Ireland football team will be provided by Dublin group A House.” (This is surely not true.)

2. Fat Les is back with Fish And Chips for World Cup glory bid: (Fat Les now including Mel C who I fear may have been set up)

3. Jam hit re-written as a football song : “Paul Weller has given the go-ahead for his song Going Underground to be turned into a World Cup anthem…the song will be released as a single, Go England.” (Do you see? Virgin Radio DJ involved.)

4. Bubble and Dean to release World Cup song: (Recorded at UB40’s studio!)

5. Terry Venables hopes for No.1 with World Cup song: “”There have been some ropey World Cup songs, but I think we’ve a number one here.””

Who is the most famous member of the So Solid Crew?

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Who is the most famous member of the So Solid Crew? Megaman – the so called leader. Oxide & Neutrino, do they really count? Lisa Mafia because she is the “only” girl (okay – she has at least finally ‘fessed to the press that there are a few others standing near the back of the cover photo). Or is it Asher D because he is in chokey. Well Asher is the next one off the blocks to have a solo single out – and Megaman thinks that his sentence was fair enough and being in prison will do him good. Of course he will have his fair share of Haterz in prison, but he will be out by Christmas. And so the Crew continue to follow thw Wu Tang blueprint – expect Lisa Mafia’s solo stuff in September I guess.

The great World Cup experiment is almost at us

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The great World Cup experiment is almost at us. That is – will punters want a pint at seven am with their football. I’m sure there will be some – even if it is only the once for the sheer ability to do it. However the more tempting offer may well be plates of full English (as The Streets would have it). There is something obviously complimentary about lardy food and a pint of beer – if only their calorific intake. Watching football in a pub in this case though is going to be more about the communal experience than getting lashed in front of a big screen, and oddly the timings which are involved will suggest that locals will be the source of this. I have nothing against drinking after work, near work – but its nice to have a local. And if I’m stumbling out of bed at six thirty to see a match – I don’t want to go too far before I see sizzling bacon, world class footie action and maybe a pint. Its full of vitamins after all.

102 Beats That

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102 Beats That: part 3 of 6.