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Apr 02

If you’re going to do a list

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If you’re going to do a list, do it like this. (Referring to Ethan’s Rap albums, not whatever shows up here tomorrow). (Also I’m about to ignore my own advice.)

NY Mirror: Fly Life

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NY Mirror: Fly Life: har har Electroclash backlash but even if the scene is a desperate retread of times past, this article isn’t saying much new either. Put down your drum machines and go and listen to some funk jams, kids! – like that was an original angle in 1982, let alone 2002.

That said (making believe here that anyone reading this is making music!) an embargo on mentioning the 1980s is clearly necessary (something Ronan got right by example in his article) – especially if you’re ripping them off. For one thing it annoys a lot of people when you deny obvious influences, and that’s fun – for another you might start believing yourself.

C90 Go: Number 4

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We Will Never Give It Up

I have never really made mix tapes or discs or things like that for myself. For others, yes, sometimes due to love, other times due to, well, education (starting in 1994 or so, after a complaint from my mom that all my generation apparently listened to was evil dark music or the like, I decided to win her over to modern stuff by judiciously chosen selections from certain bands – and now she likes Kraftwerk, Mojave 3 and In the Nursery, go figure). Not really for myself per se, though – I am a fan of albums as such and still am, even with CD players’ easy propensity to mix things up as desired and mp3s’ complete busting down of structural doors. The idea of listening to anything like What Does Anything Mean? Basically or Satisfied Mind out of sequence as I know it just seems wrong and strange to me, so I don’t do it.