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Mar 02

My word!

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My word! Something which appears to be your actual research on the pub! I haven’t had time to scour this but it seems distressingly right-headed for someone like me who likes to disagree with things in a curmudgeonly fashion. I have to say that some of the stuff about personal interaction (particularly the pub talk bit) may have been researched on the set of an Ealing comedy. Open arguments at the bar? “Alright there Lofty”? Once you get past “reciprocal gift-giving is the most effective means of preventing aggression between nations, tribes or individuals” (oh yes?) the section on round-buying is really rather good, I think.

I offer it to you, my friends, for consideration.

At first it was difficult to believe

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At first it was difficult to believe, Marilyn Manson’s version of Tainted Love – for all its chest beating machismo, is actually much, much camper than the Soft Cell one. Then I went home and listened to the original and realised it isn’t camp at all. Through the backwards blinkers of Marc Almonds private life and later career the temptation is to think that this song about the death of a relationship should be dripping with arch knowingness. But then should it equally be surprising that Manson’s version should be harder or straighter? After all his vocal styling is nary a spit away from Bryan Ferry’s.