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Another trawl through my always riveting mail finds alongside the requests for me to eviscerate Gong and Genesis(The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway – and gets run over by me in a monster truck, etc etc) this curious note from Tonamel Rhysthal:

“It seems to me that even though you hate -all- music, your site seems curiously devoid of classical composers…
And if you do it, don’t go lumping them all together, because Bach, and Beethoven sound absolutely nothing alike.”

You are right of course, I have hithertoo shown little interest in them, mainly because they are all dead and can do no more harm (a reason which unfortunately cannot be applied to John Lennon). But of course I know the difference. Bach is the twiddly one that all sad, dull mathematicians like. Beethoven is the pompous, lazy one who couldn’t be arsed to finish his symphonies and was so bad, so very very bad that his own body could not stand listening to his crap and made him go deaf. See. Alike only in their lack of quality.


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Blackboards: Not only a great Iranian film from 2001 but seemingly the only way a pub can spread its message to its punters. But what I fail to understand is where pubs went wrong and misunderstood the whole point of blackboards. You write on them with chalk. For ease of erasability. There are actually people whose job it is to go round painting pictures of grapes, bottles of wine and jolly butchers on these things. And we can’t rub these poorly painted abominations off.

Well, its that time again folks

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Well, its that time again folks. That’s right, Brit Vote Rigging time. The idea of having certain awards open to the public to vote for is both an exercise in widening the democracy of the event and to get people involved. People think the Brits are all rigged and voted for by five blokes at EMI. This is not true, there are some very strange choices on the very large “academy” (mine included). Nevertheless farming out four or five awards to MTV, Radio 1 and The Sun to add to the excitement of the event stumbles when the very accessible system they use is prey to attempts to vote rig. Unfortunately this will come with the territory (cf the Belle & Sebastian scandal two years ago) and in the end should be seen as part of the fun. Everyone will try and do it, no-one moaned that Fran’s bit of stuff voted multiple times for Pop Idol. The most rabid fan base wins.

But then since when were the Brits, or any award, about quality? To pretend otherwise will be a sham. The votes for the academy led awars are all Single Transferable vote, a voting system which leads to a blanding out of taste. That is what will be awarded tomorrow. The most acceptible, the least offensive. Which is possibly why the Gorrillaz will not win anything.

Various Artists: In the Beginning There Was Rhythm: Pitchfork Review

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Various Artists: In the Beginning There Was Rhythm: Pitchfork Review “These songs came out of the bleak setting of industrial England in the late 70s and early 80s…skinheads and members of the National Right roamed the streets.” Blimey not the National Right!! Perfectly fine review of more-than-worthy post-punk comp raises unintentional chuckle. I’d dispute the hint that modern dance music sounds enfeebled next to the likes of the Gang of Four (though it’s surely less politicised) but this music still needs the spotlight and praise Pitchfork are giving it.

Dump Her Fran!

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Dump Her Fran!: Travis complain about “celebration of mediocrity” shocker – but the real reason for Fran Healy’s wrath at Pop Idol is soon revealed…

New York London Paris MunichPost a comment • 161 views sent us a snarky letter about the Strokes spesh which I’ll run here when I pull it out of my e-mail folder at home. If you too were disgusted by FT’s wallowing in the trough of corporate hype then you might enjoy this punky zine. Criticism is much more bearable with a URL attached.

A Rush and a Push

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A Rush and a Push: have we linked this one yet? So many music blogs, so little time!! Mmmm, nice design. Good commentary too.

New Oasis single to be released

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New Oasis single to be released. ‘The Hindu Times’ will be released on April 15. Why oh why they are not releasing ‘Hung In A Bad Place’ (seriously), I do ponder.


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GARETH GATES! YOU ARE NOT THE MAN FROM DEL MONTE! STOP IT! White suits in pop music. Now, can we think of many entirely clad in white pop stars…let me HARNESS THE POWAH OF THE ATOMMICK BRANE! Yes! *power up*! There’s the POP WING of the KKK! (Doh). Cliff Richard (although at least he had the decency to wear ROLLER SKATES)! The Bee Gees! How wonderful that is three that is more than enough. IF ONLY Martin Bell and the Mang from Delmonte realise the POWER that a white suit gives you – the power of looking like a KNOBCHEESE hahahaha. Stop it Gareth, you UNCHAINED MELODY singing, shiny face sporting, snakeskin boot wearing, MINGING gosh darn SMELLHEAD.

Bootlegs, remixes and sampling madness

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Bootlegs, remixes and sampling madness: companion site for the essential Boom Selection, while that top resource redesigns.