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Jan 02

Former Steps Stars H and Claire are to record as a duo

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Former Steps Stars H and Claire are to record as a duo! I knew it! Even back in the early days of Steps, I was a Claire and H shipper! I didn’t know the term but I loved them both. Both blonde, Claire with her tormented facial expression and always bubbly H, such a beautiful and touching dynamic. And now they’re finally teaming up! Are they the KYLIE and JASON of our time? Oh blah blah, “H is gay” well how do YOU know? He could be straight and if so I think he should marry Claire forever and ever and have blonde babies. Who will ALSO go into showbiz! Top notch! I can’t wait.

Stevie Nixed

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Stevie Nixed aka Helen Fordsdale from ILM aka a rainbow of other people has her own weblog hooray.

Feedback Fruit Loops

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Feedback Fruit Loops

Todd Burns has taken up the ultimate fools errand in modern music: reviewing the entire Merzbox (you know, the 50 CD [literally] fetishist packaged Merzbow box set, surest sign yet we live in the best and worst of all possible worlds), disc by disc, five at a time. On one level this is exactly what I would have liked to have seen from the Wire’s Merzbow feature a year or so back (if Edwin Pouncey did listen to the whole thing…I have my doubts it’s even possible for any but the most deranged. Meaning I doubt whether Todd will reach the end. As does Todd, I think.) On the other, I know The Wire would have turned into a sterile academic exercise. Burns has already made his feelings on the subject clear – he hates it and the music, finds it an oppressive chore yet bleakly compelling all the same – and the writing has already become a rather personal journey through blasted countryside, an avoidable (yet far more entertaining) byproduct of the fact that – as Sigmund would say – “sometimes noise is just noise, Herr Akita.” I downloaded some Merz-produkt this morning to remind myself what Burns is putting himself through. I don’t envy him.

LIT – “Lipstick & Bruises”

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LIT – “Lipstick & Bruises”

A guilty pleasure from last year. I’m not listening to it right now, though I hear the chorus in my head. As with a good number of songs I take a liking to, I’m left wondering why this track didn’t do as well as, say, “My Own Worst Enemy”. It’s a BETTER SONG, for the luvva – a souped-up hotrod with plenty of horsepower and cool racing stripes, kicking up lots of smoke and burning a good amount of vulcanized rubber. Sounds a lot like Sugar, actually (ah, THAT’S why I like it – the shiny geetars, the pop smarts, the nonsense-to-me refrains), except for the vocals, which uncover some sort of hellish sonic limbo lost between the rusty pipes of Paul Westerberg & John Cougar Mellencamp. But, again I ask, why was this worthy song simply dismissed by the general public? (Yes, “worth” is a relative term.) (And, no, I’m not about to believe my silly theory about the successes of Fuel & Lit somehow being symbiotically intertwined.) Well, there isn’t any swearing in the song (though the pain fetish is still there – substitute “kick the living shit out of me” with “kick me when I fall down”; hey, he’s found someone else to do the kicking!), and there’s no video featuring the nude baby-smooth hide of a Ms. Pamela Anderson Lee Rock. Instead, we have Mulletron, a shape-shifting robot blessed with the technology to turn any gauche coif into a radiant, resplendent, kinky mullet.

OK, maybe I answered my own question.