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The Gossip

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The Gossip live – and also Peaches live – in this weeks thrilling themed FT update. (No, that’s right, it’s not the Strokes special. Patience, O Readers).

When is All Bar One not a pub?

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When is All Bar One not a pub? There seems to be a quiet acceptance from some of the punters round here that All Bar One is in some ways a pub. Whereas I will happily set it outside the realm of being a pub by its own very attemps not to be a pub. There are pubs of course which have the word “bar” in their name, but if ABO wants to be a bar then I say let them have it. There appears to be a tacit suggestion in Tom’s post below that a shit bar could de facto be designated as a pub – thus lifting bars higher than pubs on some sort if arbitary pecking order. I disagree.

I must admit, his description of the Brickworks isn’t much more alluring. Budweiser on draft!!!! Stop this madness now.Pubs aren’t about winning modesty, they are about boozing.

When Is A Pub Not A Pub?

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When Is A Pub Not A Pub? When it’s a bar. And vice versa. Blurring the lines betwixt the two is a dangerous game and generally ends in tears. All Bar One for instance tries very hard to be a bar and hence ends up a shit pub. Most ghastly East London bars try to recreate the homely armchair ambience of a Home Counties boozer and wind up insufferable. Imagine my surprise, then, that one of my currently favoured pubs in Oxford is walking this tightrope of disaster with some aplomb.

The Brickworks is a pub, alright. But it’s a close thing – even a removal of a definite article could tip the balance – it would be called Brickworks, which is a short step to being a bar, called Brick. Shudder. But no, its The Brickworks, thank goodness. The pub sign plays similar games with pub convention – it’s a section of painted-on wall with the pub name in mock-graffiti. But it has a pub sign, and is therefore a pub. I dwell on these external signifiers cos they mirror what you get inside – a clean, stripped-wood look but a cosy atmosphere, achieved by The Brickworks being the approximate size of a small bus. You have Hoegaarden and Budweiser on draft and a small but nice-looking selection of Belgian bottled beers, and you have newspapers (tabs and broadsheets), and an entertainments room downstairs. It could almost be a bar – almost – but it has a winning modesty about it that keeps it in the land of pub.

Of course, The Brickworks can’t hold a candle to a good London drinker, and it couldn’t win out against good Oxford boozers either, except that those are sadly rarities (all the semi-decent pubs in Oxford are marred by a single tiresome flaw – the draftiness of the Angel And Greyhound, the trashiness of The Crown, the nutter magnetry of The Star). So for now The Brickworks is an effective change of pace. Cheers!

V2 records say that court ruling is unbelievable.

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V2 records say that court ruling is unbelievable. So you have a band who decide to name themselves exactly the same thing as an extant – if relavitely unsuccessful – band. Original band takes them to court, and considering that the all new band is not hugely successful either – original band wins. I wanted to say that there was something apposite about the word they are tussling over being Liberty, but then I realised that this is not really a freedom issue. Still, I would not be the only one misunderstanding the word, as the article says: “We chose Liberty because of what it meant to us.” What did it mean to them? Free of the shackles of that awful popstars programme, free of dull old poncey Darius? Or free of continually being called The Popstars Losers.

New suggestions for a name for the band are being sought at the usual home of high class music discussion, I Love Music.


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Peggy Lee – “Is That All There Is?”

I broke up with a woman three weeks ago who loves Peggy Lee, and who introduced me to her (and who, and who…) I’ve just been listening to a lot of her stuff again, in alphabetical order, because that’s how they show up in my mp3 player.