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Jan 02

The much-touted FT Relaunch

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The much-touted FT Relaunch has turned into more of a rolling project – what you’ll see there is the skeleton of the site, and we’ll be adding new articles, features, and design elements as 2002 gets going. For starters, four new articles – MJ Hibbett talking about the perils of scene-hunting; Robin C back at his keyboard to rave about Britgum; a first full-length FT article from The Pinefox, going deep into an Irving Berlin classic; and something by me talking about pop in public, and especially Dexys Midnight Runners’ evergreen “Come On Eileen”.

What’s coming up? Well, there are a few other bits of news. Mike has been struggling with a house move and an illness, and so the Focus Group is delayed – but it’ll be well worth it when it does arrive, hopefully sometime in the next few weeks. I Hate Music has hit a recent run of form and Tanya promises a tour through a “Rainbow Of Rubbish” in the next couple of weeks. Maura Johnston is taking over Moments In Love this month. Am I Cool Or Not is finally going to come back as soon as I get the template to its long-suffering new editor Nicole. NYLPM will keep rolling on, and most importantly I’m going to try to get at least one new article up every Sunday. We’ve got a solid backlog of pieces, and several more promised – but we need you! If you have an idea for an article, or want to write for FT, or have a piece you can’t get published anywhere else, then please drop us a line.

As we get used to the new schedule we’ll try and introduce a few new features we’ve had ideas for – more pictures, a couple of new regular columns, that sort of thing. There’s good news for NYLPM too – Pop-Eye is back this week, taking its weekly look at the UK Top 40, and Duel will be returning later in the year, both as part of the NYLPM page.

The final new development is that we’re linking up with I Love Music and I Love Everything again. There were good reasons for severing the link but there are also good reasons for keeping it – not least cos FT needs an affiliated discussion site. The sites are separately run, and the editor of FT is not directly responsible for content on the forums, but we are linked to them and there’s no point us trying to evade that, no matter what crack-brained nonsense shows up there (or here!).

So – a new year and a new(ish) Freaky Trigger – hope you enjoy it!

Freaky Trigger

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An explanation is in order…

Freaky Trigger is a website about pop music and the people who listen to it. It’s free and independent, has no advertising, no set areas of coverage and it doesn’t even review records that often. What’s the use of it, then? To say interesting things; to think a bit; to have a laugh; to take pop seriously; to take pop stupidly; to take pop at face value. To provide a space online, at the very least, for the kind of pop writing you don’t get to read much any more – good, clever, often funny pieces that look at pop from unexpected angles.

We’re not so interested in lamenting the loss of the last big thing or chasing our tails looking for the next one – we’re in love with pop right now. And we’re in love with what pop does to us – if you’re new to Freaky Trigger you’ll find an emphasis on how we listen to, relate to, live with and through pop songs. You should also find jokes, though it’s pretty much impossible to fit jokes in an intro piece.

Basically there are three parts to Freaky Trigger. There are the articles – which are the point of the thing, and you can find a list of them in the archives. There are the regular features and columns, like Tanya Headon’s I Hate Music and Maura Johnston’s Moments In Love – we’ll be adding more of these through the first half of 2002. And there’s New York London Paris Munich, where quick reviews, quality links and random jottings end up on a near-daily basis.

Freaky Trigger takes up a lot of my time and patience and I really hope you enjoy it. If you do enjoy it then please link to it, or to an individual piece, or pass the URL to friends – we need word-of-mouth in order to build up a readership and keep the site on its toes. Thanks enormously to anyone who does this.

If you want to contribute to Freaky Trigger, we’d love to hear your ideas. You keep copyright on anything published but we’re a non-profit site and we don’t pay our writers. But if you’re an amateur writer who loves music, or you’ve got a great idea, or you’re a published writer with an unsellable idea, or you just want to have a go, what you write may well find a sympathetic home here. All submissions or ideas should go to

And finally, thanks for visiting!