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Oct 01

Daphne & Celeste vs FilePile

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Daphne & Celeste vs FilePile

VOX – Sing, Sing a Song

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“Who has the best voice in modern music?” asked an I Love Music punter. It seemed a simple enough question and I was surprised to find myself struggling to answer it. The idea of the ‘good voice’ is central to pop music, from Sinatra to Sigur Ros – voices that “could sing the phone book”, which of course Sigur Ros might as well be doing. The question is, what is the relationship between the good voice and what it sings?


THE PLEASURES OF BASTARDS: Bran Van 3000’s Discosis

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Bran Van 3000 are a Montreal nonette known primarily for a one hit wonder. In fact I am not sure how popular “Drinking in L.A.” was outside of Canada. So when I got Discosis I was shocked by it. They have managed to make one of the most complex and layered disco/funk/house albums and then add lyrics that are both exquisite in their eroticism and divine in their absurdity.


But that’s where you’re wrong…

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But that’s where you’re wrong…

With apologies to PUBlic Enemy (and, more relevantly, Star Turn on 45 Pints).

Once again, back is the incredible
The pub animal
The incredible PP. Pumpkin Pubs is number one
Landlord said “Time!” and I got numb
Can’t I tell ’em that I never had a man’s rum?
But it’s the facts that the Peter Baran got some
Now they bought me a Martell, will I drink it – no, hell
‘Cause a drunkard like me said “Well
Ayingabrau’s a great drink and I think you ought to drink it
What it can do to you, what you ought to do”
Follow for now, power to the people say,
‘Get some dough and buy a cider armadillo’
P-PUBS is back, all in, we’re gonna win
Check it out, yeah y’all, here we go again

Shhhh…a PUMPKIN PUBS relaunch may be gathering momentum…

NO LANGUAGE, JUST SOUND – Looking Well Beyond the Lyric Sheet

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I hear the music. Which is patently obvious, I suppose, give what I write about for both pleasure and for pay. Started with my youth, very very young days, Sesame Street, Free To Be, You and Me, that kind of seventies upbringing. And from those albums into AM radio, Madonna, the Cure and Timbaland, straightforward enough.

What I hear is the music — more so than the words. Thus the point here, I don’t hear the words, not consciously, not with focus and obsessive reading. It’s not what I need, it’s not what I want. It’s not what I desire. Thousands upon thousands of singers, lyricists and more have poured their time, thought and energy into catching the spirit of something, perhaps purely functional in their eyes, perhaps a mining of the deepest human revelations of the heart.

And generally speaking, I don’t care.


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So farewell then

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So farewell then
You provided wit
And where might be a good place
To have a nice pint.
But now time seems to have been called on you
Or your contributors are in the Priory.

byJ.D. Wetherspoon (aged 13 3/4)

Freaky Trigger

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Freaky Trigger updates! — wahey, took me long enough. But you can and should take great pleasure in Anthony Easton making his bow for us with a review of Bran Van 3000’s new album, and a darn good CD it seems to be. Our belov’d leader Tom contributes deep thoughts about vocals, I contribute ill-mannered ravings about lyrics. And thus is the pop discourse again revived.