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Oct 01

ROOTS MANUVA – “Join the Dots”

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ROOTS MANUVA – “Join the Dots”

The horns march fatalistically. He leads, striding and declaiming, sometimes whistling only to keep time.

The Anti-Bling Kings

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The Anti-Bling Kings: Simon Reynolds on Cannibal Ox. Very good on the problem of the underground MC (“as knotted with riddles and imagistically overripe as a late-period Costello lyric” – yes!), then less good on explaining exactly how Cannibal Ox escape this trap – possibly because they don’t, entirely. Though it’s worth sifting through the MCs acres of wordstuff for the punch of those moments where you can board their train of thought. Even if you’ve no interest in the Ox, read this for its witty fantasia of a hip-hop answer to grunge.

The Mix Project

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The Mix Project: Michelangelo Matos makes mixtapes and writes about the songs on them as he does so. I thought of doing something similar to this a little while ago but all my mixtapes are the same anyway.