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Oct 01

Proof that anger is

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Proof that anger is so 10 September: Fred Durst renounces hatred, calls on listeners to love, lays ground for new Cure-inspired Limp Bizkit record, inspires more middle-finger waving (this time from, well, me). “Give peace a chance”? Please tell me that won’t be the next benefit record to come out of the events of the past few weeks. (Does anyone else ache for those ten or so days where none of the celebrities had come out of the woodwork to offer their no doubt marketing-inspired ‘opinions’? Just shut the fuck up and write a check, thanks.)

The Short List of Music

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The Short List of Music: Or, if you’re feeling cynical today, An Attempt by the Music Industry At Large to Give Shout-Outs to Those Acts Not Pulling In the Billboard Bullets (i.e. The Majority of Musical Recording Acts, Duh). If you released an album after July 1, 2000, and you’re not certified Gold (500,000 units sold), you were eligible for this list. 49 albums were nominated by select panelists knee-deep in all aspects of the industry. Nominees include Cannibal Ox, the Beta Band, Air, Sigur Ros, Ron Sexsmith, Gillian Welch, Foxy Brown, the White Stripes, Cake, Tortoise, and (of course) Nikka Costa. Yes, it’s that messy. THE Shortlist (the Top 10, as it were) will be announced on October 3rd. So what do YOU think?