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Nov 00

what i listened to yesterday:

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what i listened to yesterday:

didn’t listen to anything till i got home from work. then:

sunny day real estate — “seven”: wanted to see if it was as hair-metal as i remembered. it was.

smashing pumpkins — siamese dream up through “geek usa” over dinner. anthemic, exciting, dramatic, poignant.

first six tracks from main — motion pool. tried studying through it first then realized how tired i was and how distracting the music was. switched off the lights and lay in bed for a while. found the music cold. switched it off.

seppuku — the awesome houses of earth’s innocents while i actually studied: at first i was disappointed at how little this recording seemed to live up to the intensity of this ottawa avant composition/improv group’s live shows. this time i started to like it better in an ambient/cageian kind of way. moments of beauty.

william walton — bagatelle no. 2/ reginald smith-brindle — prelude no. 2 and prelude no. 3: listened to myself practise these on the guitar.

listened to my processed indian harmonium piece while i tried to notate it. annoying task.

shellac — 1000 hurts while i studied some more. i’ve been very impressed by this album, my first shellac album. sparse, tight, biting, bitter. the out-of-phase guitar and bass parts at the end of “song against itself” are great. even the “canaveral” solo is growing on me.

at the pub, heard a mix of 80s and funk and disco stuff. the only songs i recognized were “sweet child o’ mine” and “le freak.”

as i went to bed: immersion — low impact. very pretty minimalism from colin newman and malka spigel. just when i thought straight minimalism might be over for me.

And of course having said that

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And of course having said that here’s a link to Dickon Edwards talking about Nigel Blackwell of Half Man Half Biscuit, in terms of his being a great lyricist. Which he probably is.

I’m moving house, starting tomorrow

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I’m moving house, starting tomorrow: this means few or no posts here from me, maybe for several days. If the rest of the team want to take up the slack, that would be great and we’ll all have something new to read. Otherwise you might want to look at my new links page, which doubles as an essay on this whole blogging thing.