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The Freaky Trigger Pop Music Focus Group

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The Freaky Trigger Pop Music Focus Group is back up, as part of the continued restoration of Now with actual links on the contributors’ page! And I’ll take this as an opportunity to remind people that the deadline for ballots is the 19th November – mail me if you didn’t get one and want one.

New York London Paris MunichPost a comment • 506 views has a new look and new features including a guestbook and LISTS LISTS LISTS. You should go there every week, I think.

And speaking of lists, I don’t soundtrack my life – at least not consciously. But on red letter days (or even black letter or french letter days) I tend to be found slumped at the computer, flicking through the playlists until I find a song that connects: which is what last night’s entry was.

But what an excellent idea – itemising the music you encounter as you go about a day! Here’s another: we should do this properly, and have a set day on which we all note down the music we encounter. A kind of global snapshot of listening. Any takers?


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Now, I’m a big fan of quiz machines in pubs. The quiz element of the machines is a noble art which JPM, in my opinion, have mastered. However, the recent phasing out of all the old machines in favour of the new touch-screen things with loads of different games on them has led to one massive problem: WHERE THE HELL AM I MEANT TO REST MY PINT?

The machine’s slender, futuristic design means that there is not a horizontal surface in sight. The top? Rounded off. Useless. The front? All curvy. Useless. To add insult to injury, JPM have fashioned a small rubber area just below the coin slot, about beermat-sized and just perfect to hold a pint glass. The one problem: it’s only at a bloody thirty degree angle, isn’t it? I’ve seen countless pints lost through drunken mis-reading of the inclination of this little resting-spot. (Well, admittedly, I’ve seen 2 pints lost, but that doesn’t stop me being angry.) What’s that little rubbery bed for? Could it hold a bag of nuts if you got it at the right angle? Could a five pence piece be balanced there? To be perfectly honest, I’m not going to be the fool that risks my nuts or fivepence.

At my local, they built a nice little shelf for the job, then promptly moved the quizzer away from it. Do I get the feeling all this trouble could have been solved if they’d just left the damn thing square rather than trying to live up to the idea of the space age?

What I Listened To

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What I Listened To today; where. Abridged. In order:

1. DR DRE – “Lil Ghetto Boy”; on the bus there.
2. SPICE GIRLS – “Holler”; in HMV.
3. BLACK STAR/TALIB KWELI – ?; in a shop (note: this could have been anything but it sounded like it was Talib Kweli. Maybe the Reflection Eternal album?).
4. DR DRE – “Fuck Wit Dre Day”; on the bus home.
5. a1 – “Same Old Brand New You; on Blue Peter
6. DJ H FEAT. STEFY – “I Like It”; at home (one of only three tracks on this list I chose to hear, I bought this because I thought it might be H from Steps. It’s quite good. Still not sure if it’s H).
7. TECHNOHEAD – “I Wanna Be A Hippy”; in the pub (note: cut off after about 15 seconds when the bar staff realised what was on the CD).
8. UNDERWORLD – “Born Slippy”; in the pub (on the jukebox – someone selected it right after Technohead was turned off).
9. ARTFUL DODGER presents CRAIG DAVID – “Re-Rewind (The Crowd Say Bo Selecta)”; in the bowling alley (note: I wasn’t bowling, but playing pool. That’s important).
10. BACCARA – “Yes Sir, I Can Boogie”; on Never Mind The Buzzcocks (when I came home and flicked the telly on).

Conclusion: Tom soundtracks his life; I just listen to music.

What I Listened To

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What I Listened To when I left my job. In order:

1. BLUR – “To The End”
2. THIEVES – “Unworthy” (“Don’t tell me I should try and GET SOME SLEEP….”)
3. MADONNA – “Like A Prayer”
4. THE HONEYBUS – “I Can’t Let Maggie Go”
5. SILVER JEWS – “Random Rules” (“that tan line on your ring finger”)
6. THE DELFONICS – “Ready Or Not Here I Come”
7. ELVIS COSTELLO – “Beyond Belief”
8. SMOG – “Dress Sexy At My Funeral” (Lyrically, the most romantic song 2000 voided up. Alas, it sounded like Lou Reed. I like Lou Reed she said sticking her tongue in my ear. Except not.)
9. THE SMITHS – “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out”
10. CHIC – “At Last I Am Free”