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Nov 00

This is three days late

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This is three days late but it has to be said. Trick or treat children in pubs. NO.

Our Lady of Sorrows

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Our Lady of Sorrows: long piece on Billie Holiday. Looks interesting.

My mind’s elsewhere today

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My mind’s elsewhere today but for the sake of content (c’mon team) here are Guardian reviews of the Spice Girls (bad) and Fatboy Slim (worse). I can’t imagine the critics are too far wrong in either case.

A half of bitter

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A half of bitter is probably the cheapest alcoholic drink that you can order in a pub – it would be Old Kent Road on a drinker’s Monopoly board. I had one last night, not out of poverty (someone else’s round) but because, perversely, I rather fancied one.

Being another’s round, I didn’t have to go up to the bar staff and actually ask for “a half of Bass please”. I am sure that the experience is not an empowering one.

My half pint was served in a half pint glass, naturally enough, and it was one of those which are shaped exactly like a traditional pint glass (straight side, then round lip, then straight bit), only smaller. People with no depth of vision (e.g. cyclopes) would have thought I was a giant. Let’s hear it for perspective.

If you are interested, Bass tastes rather soapy. Oh, a half of shandy is cheaper than a half of bitter but it can scarcely be called alcoholic.