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Sep 00

My Booty

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My Booty: Tsch! You and your dirty minds. I refer, of course, to my swag from the Victoria Station WH Smiths 3 for £10 CD clearout. A mailing list sighs in relief.

Anyway, I’ve got nothing else to blog about.

What I got:
THE FALL – A Past Gone Mad: Bizarre track selection in places for this best-of 1990-2000. I suppose it’s only fair that it’s done by someone who likes the Fall’s meandering acid-housey nineties stuff, but no War? No Idiot Joy Showland? No Numb At The Lodge? No Glam Racket, for goodness’ sakes? And all seven bloody minutes of “The Birmingham School Of Business School”?? Still it was cheap, the defining quality of these six albums frankly. Does include the blistering “Free Range”, and “Behind The Counter”, which I lived for three long years, damn you.
DAVID SYLVIAN – Dead Bees On A Cake: Look, you never know when you’ll have to impress someone who likes David Sylvian. Actually I have a soft and small spot for “Secrets Of The Beehive”, so owning another Sylvian record didn’t seem too much of a stretch. The ‘most beautiful man in the world’ now looks curiously rugged.
ORCHESTRAL MANOEUVRES IN THE DARK – The Peel Sessions: 16 tracks of fizzing synthesisers and ridiculous lyrics about technological angst. The second I saw it I knew I had to own it. Stupid but still vastly underrated band, and the sleevenotes promise a ‘metal’ version of “Genetic Engineering”. Speaking of metal…
MOTORHEAD – The Best Of: 2CDs of metal power. Politically suspect, but then so’s Eminem, and the rock here is in (many) places awesome. “Ace Of Spades”, “Bomber”, “Killed By Death”…..yes!
LED ZEPPELIN – Early Days: Tom buys a Led Zeppelin CD?? What is this shit? Well, my train was about to go and I had to get something to complete my second trio of CDs, hem hem, that’s my excuse. Actually, I’m 27 years old and it’s about time I stopped being too cool for Led Zep. I’ll surely change my tune when it turns out to be shit.
DAPHNE AND CELESTE – We Didn’t Say That!: Holy shit this is good – I take all my previous D&C doubts back, they’ve come up with a barnstorming party pop album which may well rank among the year’s best (it’s been a duff year, to be honest, but believe me this is cracking stuff anyway). They even get the ballad right!


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Stankonia is an unofficial and anticipatory website/weblog dedicated to the upcoming Outkast album (also called Stankonia, by happy uncoincidence). Share the excitement!

“Anatomy Of An Indie Rock Break-Up”

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“Anatomy Of An Indie Rock Break-Up” – that’s what the Blogger directory listings promised me, but damnation, this looks just like another weblog to me. Even that great title’s changed! Where’s the agony? The songs? The blood on the limited edition 7″ sleeves! All this indie rock has to be good for something, and soundtracking emotional turmoil is allegedly it. Otherwise we might as well dump it all in a bloody skip and go party.

Oh, alright, I only blogged this because it was that or update my CV.

The Pitchfork Reviewers’ Challenge Cup, Day Two

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 Brent Sirota tackles Can: “Eventually, the reviewer must concede that Live Music is simply a critical black hole, swallowing every turn-of-phrase lightlessly; it will evade all my descriptions, comparisons and evaluations. Nobody’s thoughts can keep up with this music. It was born of deed, not of word; it is from a time before or after language.”.

This annoys me, not just because it comes at the end of a 500-word review. I think it’s a silly cop-out, this latest fashion for critics to deny their own abilities in the service of hyperbole. Sirota has done an adequate job of describing the disc at hand, why then does he feel the need to cap the review with this bit of one-upmanship. By current Pitchfork standards, their ultimate review would just be white space, all their reviewers reduced to speechless, impotent ecstasy in their contemplation of the latest Modest Mouse (or whoever) offering.

How Songs Are Picked For

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How Songs Are Picked For Now Compilations: no surprises here, I suspect. As the article suggests, Napster is moving the global music market from an album-based one to a song-based one, and compilation records are the first sign of that. Good thing too.

New York London Paris MunichPost a comment • 455 views is a site which asks a load of stars – mostly pop, hip-hop and nu-metal stars – what their favourite books, music, etc. is. Some curious stuff in the rankings (The Bible and The Holy Bible are separate – presumably some entertainers can afford a premium edition) and a number of amusing comments. Drama, asked about his favourite comic book, refuses to let the persona slip – “None. I was trying to sell dope.” (link via the marvellous metascene).