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Sep 00

DJ Martian’s Page

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DJ Martian’s Page: New music blog! DJ Martian keeps on sending me links, some of which I used but too many of which I didn’t, not because they weren’t quality links but because I am a lazy bugger. Now he has his own weblog and will no doubt lead you to all sorts of good stuff if you choose to follow. Band websites seem to be a bit of a speciality here, for example the site for Life Without Buildings, a band Alex played me when he came down last month. Stylish and angular, very 1981-on-Rough-Trade, reminded me a bit of the Art & Language/Red Krayola classic “Born In Flames”. Post-punk, yes.

M is for….”My Before And After”

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M is for….”My Before And After” by Cotton Mather, a track which has caused me a certain amount of grief, by being infectiously tricksy power-pop, a style I usually have great difficulty liking for all the reasons you might expect (conservatism, nasty chunky guitar sounds, perceived general lack of spontaneity and joy, obsessed with the fucking Beatles). But every so often a powerpop tune gets in there and does it to me: “My Before And After” doesn’t connect on any emotional level at all. That’s not a problem, nor does current teenpop – and it might even be an advantage, since it lets the hooks do their plentiful work without any interference.

L is for….”A Little Knowledge”

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L is for….”A Little Knowledge” by Scritti Politti, the one good reason to shell out for Cupid And Psyche ’85 rather than just pick up the associated twelves in jumble sales as and when. A fluttery, trebly, precious production which steps back from the band’s then-obsession with Michael Jackson, it’s one of Green Gartside’s most lovely and convincing ballads, ‘convincing’ in the sense that it gives the impression of a clever man (i.e. Green) confronting a stupid thing (i.e. being in love) better than most other times he tried it. Love wins, obviously. Has a fantastic Scritti image, too, of Green clutching a pop radio to his body, trying to make the lovestruck backbeat of a hit song win out over the rhyhms of his faltering heart.