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Aug 00

The History of House

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The History of House: sprawling in its coverage, intelligent and thorough in its internal links, and with a superb range of external links too….this is one excellent site. Follows House from the late 70s to the present, and puts this still much-maligned music firmly at the center of the last 20 years of sonic developments.

Who would have thought

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Who would have thought that my temporary move to Surrey would result in rich local music news links? From sleepy (and horrible) Redhill comes the world’s fattest boy band. Ho ho ho.

Gareth L. leaps to the

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Gareth L. leaps to the defence of Adorable. Provoked, apparently, by me, so I should say that all I remember about them was that bloke in his white suit, and “Sunshine Smile”, which Gareth rightly calls ‘insipid’. I don’t know, there seemed to be an awful lot of guitar band chancers around in 1992-3, and for me Adorable slotted nicely in next to the likes of Passion Fruit And Holy Bread. But then I never had much time for the shoegazers, either.

Pitchfork reviews

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Pitchfork reviews Loren Mazzacane-Connors: I only have one solo Connors album (9th Avenue), and one of his fine collaborations with Keiji Haino, but both discs get a fair bit of play from me still. Al Shipley writes an interesting review, though as with most reissues of obscure stuff by obscure artists, Connors gets painted as a bit of a wild and lost outsider figure. On the breadline and unrecognised though he certainly was, I suspect the less romantic truth is that Connors was just another one of the thousands of drifting musicians making their own records and tapes on the industry’s edge, albeit a very talented one. All this “unchosen muse” stuff is very nice, but perhaps gets a little bit in the way of understanding the music.

The Heavenly Jukebox

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The Heavenly Jukebox: via everyone (well, Mike initially). Pretty much the ultimate Napster/copyright.MP3s article. Fine stuff.