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Worldpop reports on the outcome of the True Steppas / Spiller grudge match, aka the Humbling Of Victoria Beckham. Not actually the most gripping chart battle, since the one single had a good tune and average beats, and the other had awesome drum programming and topped it with a caterwauling celeb and a silly man pretending to be a robot.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Posh can both go hang for all I care, but I’m glad “Groovejet” got No.1, if only because the goofily goateed DJ Spiller seems a much more pleasant fellow than that horrid Dane Bowers.

Anyway, if you head for the worldpop singles reviews and check out untipped big beat act 10 Cents, you’ll see a familiar byline. Ker-ching! (sort of).

This man is a hunk.

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This man is a hunk. He’s semi-famous for being one. He has a webcam. Of course.


He also thinks Merzbow is a genius. And he’s done the best review of Sonic Youth’s new album I’ve seen.

That makes all the difference. Mr. Mark Allen, you officially ROCK.

Steve handed me this link on a silver platter with marshmellows and rice pudding. You rock, too.