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diskant: fantastic fanzines reviewed

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diskant: fantastic fanzines reviewed: even though I never got round to doing one in print (too messy on the fingers, my dears), I’ve got a vast soft spot for fanzines. I’ve no idea how old these reviews are, so some of the addresses may be out of date, but it’s good to know that there’s so much zineful activity still going on in the UK. You can fall in love with a printzine far more easily than a webpage, I think.

Incidentally, while if you’ve made a record I probably don’t want to hear it, fanzines are a different matter. I’ll review any fanzine I receive here, no bother. Reading is good.

The 100 Best Singles of the 1980s

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The 100 Best Singles of the 1980s: it’s the sincerest form of flattery, and I am sincerely flattered – Robin Carmody, sick of my constant failed promises of an 80s singles list (does anyone really need to know what I think about Frankie Goes To Hollywood?) has started his own, and has hit on the cunning wheeze of writing about records as and when he feels inspired, which is certainly more sensible than my gruelling daily slog was.

He’s covered seven singles already, and I won’t spoil things my saying which they are.

It’s a Saturday, nobody’s reading, what better time for some serious navel-gazing?

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It’s a Saturday, nobody’s reading, what better time for some serious navel-gazing?

The Freaky Trigger Readership Survey: Results

First of all thankyou to anyone who voted in this. The results, admittedly on a self-selecting sample, were hugely gratifying and more importantly the specific feedback was interesting and useful. Am I going to take any of the suggestions on board? Almost certainly yes. Am I going to stop writing about Eminem (who dominated the write-in votes on artist you’d like to see less of)? No.

Here are a few results nuggets:

NYLPM was quite easily the most popular feature. Unsurprisingly, the music-themed stuff is more popular than the non music-themed stuff, with FT’s typical rambling music discussion thinkpieces doing satisfyingly well. I Hate Music was the most divisive FT feature, finishing low on the list but gaining more ‘Excellent’ marks than anything else bar this page. IHM is also the most read part of Freaky Trigger. The least-liked part of the site is the letters page, which I’m considering turning into a forum, a la Nanette’s. (Feedback on this or anything else mentioned here welcomed).

What do Freaky Trigger readers think is important in a music zine? Top of the list is writing quality by a fair distance, with frequency of updates, originality, and choice of subject following. The least important qualities are apparently usefulness and taste compatibility, which gives me a certain sense of relief. In terms of our performance, we tend to do well on the stuff you’ve said was important: to nobody’s surprise, we do slightly less well on design issues.

What do people want more of? A host of indie bands cropped up here: I’ll try to find out who some of them are. In general you seem to want less disposable pop. Well, some you win and some you lose.

One of the most interesting questions was which other zines FT readers look at and like. I’m not going to give the full rundown, though by all means e-mail me if you’re really that interested in who came bottom. But the five sites which did best were:

1. Tangents
2. Skykicking
3. Motion
4. Josh Blog
5. Steal This Blog

The most read sites included Josh’s and Fred’s, and those two eternal opposites Pitchfork and Indieshite.


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SINK: since Mike has stumbled upon it I suppose this particular cat can be debagged. Sink is a weblog by Tim Hopkins, the drinking man’s music fan, which exists as a forum for him to disagree with all the music zines he reads. It’s honest and intelligent, and Tim has been vacillating about letting me link to it for the best part of two weeks. For my part I’ve been happy to let him vacillate, since linking to it implies I’m going to have to reply to some of his all-too-cogent arguments. But probably not tonight. Go read it, it’s ace.