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A Notion Of Sound

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A Notion Of Sound: excellent Tangents interview with David Toop. “With [Sugar And Poison], I was sick and tired of the way soul ballads had been dismissed as romantic escapist drivel over the years by intellectuals of all persuasions and colours and then ended up being packaged by record companies as generic fuck soundtracks. The relationship between the notes, the artwork and the music was an attempt to create unease, to make a gentle push towards listening at a depth beneath the preconceptions about what was being said in the lyrics, the vocal techniques, the tempo, the type of chords, the arrangements and all the other indicators of genre stereotypes. I suppose some people thought it was a fuck soundtrack for manic depressives.” Toop rules.

QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE – “The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret”

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QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE – “The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret”

Metal lost the singles knack at some point – there is no fan more stolidly loyal than the metal fan, and so tracks by Maiden and Metallica were always guaranteed a decent chart placing, but there was always slightly grudging about the releases: 90s hard rock bands have never been singles acts in the way Motorhead or Alice Cooper or the hair-bands were. The tracks that hit the charts were only marginally less arid and funless than the tracks that sat on the albums.

Now apparently Queens Of The Stone Age have been getting hyped to goodness and back, with the NME going through one of its periodic return-of-rawk spasms and even the Sunday paper columnists twitching an enervated digit or two. I heard some frothing on a mailing list, remembered the name from my days reading Karl’s copy of Terrorizer in the bookshop, and £2.99 later here we are and it’s terrific. First rule of pop, Spike: bubblegum anything is good. And from its pert keyboard line in this is sparky stonerdisco fun of the chewiest kind. The riffing works to build a groove not to grandstand, the chorus is supercharged, and the result is something that’ll keep the longhairs bouncing to doomsday. Heavy on the ears, heavy on the hooks: the metal single is back. web log

New York London Paris MunichPost a comment • 921 views web log: I don’t usually cover musician’s weblogs because they’re often (whisper it) shockingly boring, but this is an endearing exception – a noise musician whose no-bullshit enthusiasm for his chosen playground deserves a wider audience. In a genre where cock-of-the-walk misanthropic posturing is so widespread, it’s good to be reminded that most ‘noisicians’ are good, humble folk. (Plus if you don’t take noise music very seriously bits of the weblog are, well, really funny.)

Spectropop – Spector, Brill, Gold Star and Girl Groups

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Spectropop – Spector, Brill, Gold Star and Girl Groups: covers it all, really. If like me you think the ‘craft’ bits of 60s were just as good/important as the ‘art’ bits you might find this site interesting. Judging from my five-minute walkthrough the meat of the site is the mailing list discussions, and the various historical articles are introductory trimmings, but let’s face it I’ve not really looked. Docked points for being an enormous site but still on Geocities, leading to much window reduction action. (Via Kathleen, and it actually is this time.)