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Aug 00

I’m moving this week

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I’m moving this week, initially to my parents’ and then to who knows where (job-related uncertainty). Will I do a Westernhomes and vanish completely? Hardly. But there might be some fall-off in posting between now and Thursday. If Fred, Greg, Robin, Josh and the boys want to pick up some of the slack, that would be marvellous, though it’s up to them. In the meantime, slake your thirst for music bobbins with this big archive of interviews with 80s alternative bods. Or, I don’t know, listen to a record.

Here’s a metaphysical puzzler for you

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Here’s a metaphysical puzzler for you: at what point will the number of album reviews in the world exceed the number of albums released? Some albums, of course, never get reviewed. Others are reviewed a billion billion times, or so it would seem (note hypocrisy of Mag Fields link below). Here’s Piero Scaruffi with his Review of 2000 Albums. And that’s a number, not a date.

Scaruffi is an Italian guy who is liberal with the numbers 5, 6, and 7 in his marking system, and most ungenerous with all the others. His site is tough going, because of the translation difficulties, and because it also bears the defiant look of a page which was coded in 1994 and is damned if it’s going to change now. But if you think size matters in reviewing terms, you’ll surely like it. (via Martin).


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menotyou is a new music/films/popculture site which promises an irreverent, well-written daily look at, well, much the same stuff the rest of us are looking at. Still, it looks very crisp, and reads that way too. It so far seems a lot clearer about what it doesn’t like than what it does, and sadly it’s pretty lazy in that respect: setting up teen pop, street rap, R & B, nu metal and commercial alt.pop as targets is like setting up five mile-wide barn doors in the world of indie rock. More good writers, hooray. More good writers with apparently the same tastes as everyone else, boo. But then I would say that, wouldn’t I? Have a look anyway, and don’t ignore the right-hand column, which so far is lower on attitude and higher on content than the main bit. (via indieshite, which – gasp! – liked it).

Robin weighs in with his view of 69 Love Songs

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Robin weighs in with his view of 69 Love Songs. I think he’s a bit off in his summation of “Busby Berkeley Dreams” (whose protagonist is basically quite a frightening fellow, albeit a sympathetic one), and I don’t think Momus could produce anything as good, but otherwise, yeah. I did try to write my review of this record, but I had to delete it after I used the word “Kierkegaard”.