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motion review: Urawa

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motion review: Urawa. Noted here not for the review itself (looks to be typical motion content – weird music, good review), but the slight digression at its beginning regarding the sub-independent level of music production: formerly tapes, now CDRs and (they don’t say so, but…) MP3s, of course.

I still find it an odd thing, reading through old discographies to see “tape-only release.” I still, despite my love for things independent, equate (just barely) “tape-only” with “we dubbed this ourselves because, uh, no one would release it for us.” Understandably, I don’t hang out on a lot either.

Tedious Admin Note

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The FTP is once again down, so currently I Hate Music and CAOTM can’t be updated. Apologies to Mike, Tanya and their readers. This also means that we can’t launch the Films Issue as planned: I’m in contact with the people who host, or rather, I’m contacting them to no response whatsoever. Needless to say a new hosting service is very high on my list of priorities right now.

At least Tom managed to remove some of the pretentiousness

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At least Tom managed to remove some of the pretentiousness from the actual title: MACHINA/the machines of god.

PCC’s Pre-Mixed Tapes

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PCC’s Pre-Mixed Tapes – better than most mixtape articles, not as good as the huge ever-growing article that rules from the centre of The Stalker one Kathleen likes is in fact rubbish, as it leaves off such notable stalky classics as Tony Orlando And Dawn’s “Knock Three Times” (“Knock three times on the ceiling if you want me” slobbers ‘our hero’, having made it pretty clear he’d take any 3 random sounds if it allowed him to further fuel his sick obsession with his upstairs neighbour.)

Sing Along With Stephin

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Sing Along With Stephin: been after this one for a while – Stephin Merritt selects one ‘best’ recording from every year, 1900-1999. And no, he’s not arrogant enough to choose any of his own. Anyone who picks Julie London as the best of 1955 wins me over, and he gets the early 60s right too. It’s frothy stuff, but that’s lists for you.

Reviews ‘n’ Rants

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Reviews ‘n’ Rants from Uncle Fester. Uncle Fester’s been around on the internet reviewing music for ages, and he doesn’t get enough respect from us young bucks (hollow laugh). Here are his thoughtful, straightforward reviews of 2000’s discs so far – mostly high-profile indie stuff, but with a useful smattering of worldwide releases too. I love his marking system: he roasts the Official Worst Band In The World’s Machina: The Machines Of God – no, hold on, I have to go and laugh myself sick after typing that.

That’s better. Anyway, he gives that record a kicking, avowedly to lend a sense of scale to his record reviews, but not much of one because it still gets 6- out of 10. I dread to think what kind of nameless Cthulhoid recording would merit a 1.