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Jul 00

“In Bloom”

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“In Bloom”, surely, rather than “Come As You Are”? “And he’s the one who likes all our pretty songs, and he likes to sing along and he likes to shoot his gun, but he knows not what it means,” and so forth. I have to say I’m perversely impressed at his recording that before he turned megafamous, for an album he thought would just sell in small amounts. So popularity itself need not be the overarching factor for feeling annoyed. ;-)

As it is, isn’t any sort of trashing of the fans more like an attempt to bond them closer? “We can all laugh together. Feel superior to the fans who annoy me by being one who doesn’t. Please buy more records. Thank you, drive through.”

Who’s really ill?

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Who’s really ill?: “De La Soul are back and angry about hip-hop” claims the subheader, but really they’re not, just realistic and with the healthy cynicism of men who proved what they had to prove a while ago. Tom Cox (but of course) asks a few leading questions to get the replies he wants and ends up with a patronising bit of analysis (just release another 3 Feet High And Rising, eh?). Readers left as irritated by this as I was might want to go refresh themselves by listening to De La’s splendid new single, “Ooooh”, as uncomplicated, agenda-free and good-natured a piece of hip-hop as you’ll hear all year.

The difference

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The difference, though Ned, is that while Belle And Sebastian are overtly playing to and trying to foster some kind of clannish, fannish community, Eminem is virulently against his fans – in fact he spends vast tranches of The Marshall Mathers LP trying to verbally scrub himself clean of the popularity virus. Not that that’s why I like him. Not that that’s why I like them, either, for that matter.

(And of course the fan-hate thing isn’t anything new: check Cobain’s unpleasant attempts, circa “Come As You Are”, to patrol which guys should and shouldn’t be into his band, an attitude that some would say has tainted indie rock ever since.)