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Tanya Headon’s Cut n’ keep guide to Morrissey, solo

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Morrissey: a small talent requires a small article. Briefly: without his crack band as backup, he slid into repetition and self-pity pretty swiftly. Thousands of fans stuck with them, proving the people who’d insulted the Smiths’ fanbase right. In detail:

Viva Hate: abstruse guitar picking, political naivety, lengthy songs throwing autobiographical titbits to the baying hordes of worshippers. Low Point: “Late Night, Maudlin Street” heading into its fourth or fifth grinding minute.
Kill Uncle: weedy instrumentation backing weedy songs, many intentionally ‘comic’ but unintentionally ‘horrible’. Notorious for depth of lyrical plumbing viz. “King Leer”. Low Point: “Found Found Found”, love song for Michael Stipe.
Your Arsenal: Return to ‘glam rock’. But Morrissey has the glamour of a sausage and the rockin’ potential of Rheims Cathedral. Tiresome controversy stirred up by equally useless NME masks laziness of record in general. Low Point: “I Know It’s Going To Happen Someday”, a song so poor it was covered by David Bowie.
Vauxhall And I: Occasional flickers of interest caused by Moz indulgently trading off prior controv – unpleasant martyr complex in evidence. Music plods along. Only half album is irredeemable, therefore praised to rafters by critics. Low Point: “The Lazy Sunbathers”. “Too jaded to question stagnation” – ring any bells, Mozophiles?
Southpaw Grammar: They’d not written enough tracks, so they stretched two of them on the Song Rack. Low Point: “The Operation” – back in 1983, did anyone think a Morrissey record would feature a drum solo?
Maladjusted: Really, staggeringly, bottom-of-barrel awful. You’re as likely to be able to remember what you had for breakfast 12 years ago to the day as you are to remember any of these songs. Surely released to win a bet. Low Point: the one where he whinges about getting busted ripping his backing band off. Oh dear.

The Ten Most Annoying Music Genres

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The Ten Most Annoying Music Genres: from’s bafflingly titled ‘Humour’ section comes this list of genres, several of which blatantly do in fact exist (special NYLPM mention if you can come up with bands in all ten, or maybe not). Very worrying that the writer apparently thinks “Soft Metal” is a made-up genre rather than a kind of music earlier generations fought and died to stamp out forever.

Elsewhere on Liv4Now you can read some of the worst music writing on the internet. But I wouldn’t advise it.

Splendid E-zine: 14 Books You Might Find In Stephin Merritt’s Bathroom

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Splendid E-zine: 14 Books You Might Find In Stephin Merritt’s Bathroom: best link I’ve found in days, particularly as it’s actually serious. Kind of.

Subliminal message to readers: BUY 69 LOVE SONGS BY THE MAGNETIC FIELDS.

Common: Like Water for Chocolate: Pitchfork Review

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Common: Like Water for Chocolate: Pitchfork Review – so here’s a question, following on from Tanya’s Marvin Gaye dissection in IHM. Is the idea of ‘soul’ – whether as genre or innate musical quality – actually preventing critics from appreciating the breadth of music being made by black artists? Or to put it another way, is the constant insistence by critics that albums by black people be ‘soulful’ itself a ghettoizing position? Or to put it a third way – do the words we sling around as critics have more implications and societal weight than we perhaps think?

I’m not entirely sure what I think about these things, but I’m interested to hear what you do.

Ivor Novello awards: The winners

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Ivor Novello awards: The winners: “Best song musically and lyrically: Strong – Robbie Williams. Lord have mercy.

Rage Against The Machine

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Rage Against The Machine: Ned Raggett discusses the popular political band, from Freaky Trigger.


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DUEL!: and this morning’s competitors, The Bloodhound Gang and Paul Weller.


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orsomething.: it’s a blog, not specifically about music – in fact not at all about music – but with a lot of back-and-forth debate over the MP3s/Napster issue. And the people involved have a working web bullshit-detector, always a rare and useful commodity. My favourite bit: “i always did hate “rants” sections. everyone “ranted” about the same shit: drugs, abortion, feminism, homophobia, etc. and everyone had the same view.