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A goofy 60s-pop pastiche which sounds a little like the theme from Eurotrash, a little like Stereolab on a Ribena high, and a little like a group doing whatever they want, because they know their fanbase is going to buy it anyway. You might think this absolute security would be great for a band’s creativity, but ultimately that sort of thinking can end up with Be Here Now, probably the record “Legal Man” is least like in the whole world (excepting that both records aren’t exactly what you’d call modernist). “Legal Man” is fast and dumb – but only like a kid on a bicycle is fast and dumb, it doesn’t rock out or anything – and sounds great in precisely these circumstances: a sunny day in the city, after a walk with a mate. Every other time I’ve heard it, this playback included, it’s been solid six-out-of-ten material.

Signal Drench

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Signal Drench did a Top 100 albums of the 90s. I’m a sucker for top 100 albumses of the ninetieses, as you know. Signal Drench’s I mostly disagree with, especially the top end (Slint annoy me), but there’s some neat and compact writing there nonetheless, and let’s face it, lists are the best.

All Music Is Bad!

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All Music Is Bad!: in a couple of days we launch the Bad Music issue of Freaky Trigger, and to mark the occasion, a special blog is being readied, a sick mutant lock-it-in-the-attic half-brother of NYLPM which will last for the 6 weeks the new issue does, and then the best of its deranged and wrong-headed contents will be archived on the main site (or in a lead-lined box at the bottom of the ocean’s deepest trench).

How will this work? It is simple.

i) You name a band, or album, or song, or entire bloody genre. Anything at all.
ii) I (or one of my esteemed co-writers) slag it off. As long as we’ve heard of it (and even then…).

The object is to have fun, to provoke, and to demonstrate that no music – not even the most sacred of sacred cows – is beyond a bit of constructive, persuasive, or just downright hostile criticism. So start sending me your requests, or indeed ask to participate.