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May 00

Viva les Blemishes!

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Viva les Blemishes!: “If you were to collate a list of the first 50 singles put out by Rough Trade, I would aver that any label would be hard pressed to impress me more. There is such an incredible mix of inventiveness and edginess”

New York London Paris MunichPost a comment • 355 views of all the hem hem thousands of links I’ve received, this gives me the greatest honour. What a fantastic idea for a site: I shall pay tribute by stealing all their links.

This is as good a time as any to mention that the October issue of FT is going to be the Words Issue – pop critics, pop writing and pop lyrics under FT’s microscope.

Rebel without a brain

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Rebel without a brain: review of Eminem live, from The Guardian. Apparently it’s bad or silly or something for “upper middle class” people to like Eminem – why this should be so goes, as usual, unexplained, possibly because when you actually start working through the implications of the idea that only “street kids” can legitimately like hip-hop all sorts of interesting consequences emerge. I also don’t see Tom Cox demanding social analyses or programmes for improvement from his beloved retro-seventies powerpop bands.

The Battle For English Soul

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The Battle For English Soul: shhh! it’s a secret! This piece won’t ‘officially’ go on the main FT page until tonight (i.e. when I’ve found a picture for it), but readers of nylpm get a look at Robin Carmody’s epic meditation on Englishness early.