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Apr 00

End of the special relationship

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End of the special relationship: Barney Hoskyns on why British music doesn’t sell in America right now. Takes several paragraphs to reach the inevitable conclusion, “because it’s rubbish”. And why are Radiohead such an exception, anyway? Because they don’t fit Hoskyns’ theory, perhaps?

Black Box Recorder

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Black Box Recorder – there’s a new pair of articles up about them on the main site: a live review from David S and a thing by me which is actually nothing much to do with the band at all.

The Magic Mill

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My first encounter with the exotic was on the Magic Mill at Thorpe Park, a South-East England theme park which from appearances had originally been based around a cramped zoo or city-farm set-up. At some point in the late 70s it had seemingly panicked, though, and parked itself up in order to survive. With its born-delapidated aluminium-heavy decor and threadbare bunny mascot, the park ended up an icon of crappiness for my friends and I, but at age eight or nine you don’t think in those knowing terms. Even then, though, Thorpe Park was noticeably lacking in actual rides, preferring to emphasise hearty activities like karting or pedalo boats, leisure options which left bookish little me forlornly stranded in the model village.