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Widget Logic

FT had a complex sidebar, but I decided to ‘widgetise’ it when Steve updated the theme in early 2008. To keep some of the special widgets appearing only when needed, I wrote a plugin to extend the functionality of widgets. Widget Logic allows widgets to appear or not depending on standard WP conditional tags, such as is_home() and is_single() and so on.

If you want to contact me about it you should address yourself to the WordPress org directory and perhaps post on the forum there. Or you can leave a comment here, below. PLEASE READ THE FAQ AND OTHER NOTES in the WordPress plugin directory first though.

If you find Widget Logic useful to you, then you could consider a small donation to Cancer Research UK – click ‘Donate’ on the widget over to the right there –>

VIDEO TUTORIAL! Popup or view on YouTube a screencast by Daryl Lozupone. Thanks to him.

Podcast Channels

Podcast Channels is a plugin that augments WP’s RSS feed with some extra elements, mostly in the ‘itunes’ namespace. It works with existing features of WP (auto-enclosures and the media library) to make a simple way to podcast, and allows different metadata in different RSS feeds – you can have as many channels as there are categories, tags, even blog authors.

Like a lot of people I found PodPress increasingly frustrating to use around WP2.6. I still see lots of people using it, but I found it was interfering with too many aspects of WP – wysiwyg editing, the media library, and so on. But there were only two things it did that I liked – show download stats, and allow multiple podcasts on a blog with their own rss and iTunes metadata. So i wrote a couple of plugins to target just those functions.

(I may release the stats plugin some day, but it’s nothing special, a bit clunky, and I really don’t want to support it.)

Freaky Trigger Theme

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